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February 02, 2005

LiveBlogging The State Of The Union Address

11:48 pm: [yawn...] Text of the State of the Union address. I haven't had time to check the following against the transcript and I'm going to bed, but thought I'd make it available for the somnabulently-challenged.

NBC: He hasn't even started talking yet and the commentators are ramming home how Democrats all think Social Security is sacred and doesn't need reform. Guess they forgot Clinton's remarks....

Leads with his strong hand: Iraq. Good move.

"America's economy fastest growing of any major industrialized nation..." - nice summation of progress.

"I welcome the bipartisan enthusiasm for spending discipline???" lead-in for.... [drum roll] ...budget cuts.

Health care gets big applause from both sides of aisle.

There is a lot of hootin' and hollerin' going on.

Tax reform: tax code that is "pro-growth, easy-to-understand, fair to all".

Immigration: I know you all will disagree with me on this one, but Bush is dead on here. No one wants to tackle this issue, but it's not going away. I give him credit for dealing with it realistically. *Note, see my comments at end of post*

Social Security: "great moral success of the 20th century", but headed toward bankruptcy. "If you're over 55, SS will not change in any way." Nice, simple description of the problem. "Instead of 16 workers paying in, now it's only 3 workers. Fewer workers paying in to ever-increasing number of beneficiaries". Very good explanation. I don't want to hear any more garbage about how Bush can't communicate effectively. He can, when he needs to.

YES! He brought up Clinton and Moynahan's ideas for SS reform. NICE MOVE.

Strong, clear guidance to Congress on what he will, and will not accept.

He's selling personal retirement accounts - "it's yours and the government can never take it away". Emphasis on safety: "we'll make sure" repeated. Good tie-in to TSP (thrift savings plan) "extend same choice to young Americans".

Wow. Even the other side stood for "human life never bought and sold as a commodity". There is still shame in the world.

DNA evidence to prevent wrongful conviction: nice tie to race. "People on trial for their lives must have competent lawyers by their side".

WOT: "..we will stay on the offensive... until the fight is won". 28 nations helping us in Iraq. "Only force powerful enough... to stop terror... is the force of human freedom."

Very nice passage on difference between us and our enemies.

Peace b/twn Israel and Palestine is within reach.

Syria: Syrian Accountability Act
Iran: is primary state sponsor of terror. To the Iranian people "as you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you": a call to revolution???

"We will succeed because the Iraqi people value their own liberty as they showed last Sunday." Iraqis "have earned the respect of us all". YES.

"Whole world now knows that a small group of extremists will not overturn the will of the Iraqi people." Exactly.

Iraqi interpreter: "Tell America not to abandon us." We will not set artificial timetable for leaving Iraq. When we have achieved our goals, our men and women in uniform will return home with the honor they have earned.

He's talking about my Marine Corps. The mother of a Sergeant who was killed in Fallujah. God bless her, she's hugging the Iraqi woman - that takes grace. Unbelievable.

The Shrub just planted a big kiss on Joe Lieberman... I love it.

He did good. I don't care what anyone says... the obnoxious twits at NBC with their "cloud over his Presidency". The man did a fine job.

He takes big bites and he's not afraid of life. There is a joy and an engagement in things that I had begun to think had disappeared from politics. This is what I want to see in a leader - a vision of something large. Not a vision of America crawling on her belly, diminished to something small and mean.

Oh for Pete's sake... we're in the post-coital letdown phase of things [thud]. Jim Schmuckishevski has just reminded us that before this is over "many, many more troops will die" and there are "no clear answers"

Excuse me while I go slit my wrists...

Ou est mes Gauloises, cherie? Apres d'amour, je suis si triste...


Harry Reid: "I was born the son of a poor black sharecropper in the Deep South... we grew up dreamin' of 40 acres and a mule..." I tuned out the rest of his remarks.

Nancy Pelosi: [blink, blink] "Press my belly-button and pull my hair to see it grow like maaaaaa-gic." Oh how special...Nancy visits the wounded.

Now that the elections have taken place:

1. we can't leave until they're ready, but.....
2. we need to leave NOW NOW NOW

Thank you for your wise words, Nancy. I feel so much safer, now.

Lest we be distracted by Bush's performance, Brian Williams helpfully reminds us that Bush has THE LOWEST APPROVAL RATING OF ANY PRESIDENT IN MODERN HISTORY.... EVEN NIXON!!!

Update: So what did I think of the speech? Overall I thought he did just about as well as he could have. Nice balance of "listiness" and rhetoric to keep the ADD crowd awake. He did extraordinarily well on SS - great, SIMPLE statement of the problem and his solution. Effective invocation of Clinton/Moynahan's prior attempts at SS reform - he should have hammered away at that one for 1-2 sentences longer to really ram it home: a quote would have been devastating here.

Wise to stay away from specifics on Iraq and sell the concept and the success story - he dealt from strength. Nice bone to the Dems on DNA testing and right to effective counsel after whacking them on tort reform.

On immigration, I know I'll make people mad, but I'm with the Shrub. People say SS is the third rail of American politics but they're wrong. Immigration is. "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." This is the Great American Legend - it's ingrained in us all since kindergarten.

Michelle Malkin says Americans favor tighter controls on immigration:

No recognition at all here from Bush that the vast majority of Americans favor stricter immigration enforcement against both "willing" employers who have put profits over national security and the willful illegal alien lawbreakers they are employing. No word of support for House Republican efforts to push for secure identification and asylum reform. Even Hillary would have done better.

I disagree.

In the real world, there is always tension between what we want, and what we are willing to pay for. How Americans answer hypothetical poll questions and how they'll react when INS comes to round up their next door neighbor are two entirely different things.

Just look at the post-911 hysteria over racial profiling and the Patriot Act: completely irrational, and yet we had ample cause to support both measures. Americans will never back true, stringent immigration reform. We're horrified at the mere thought of national ID cards, for God's sake - how silly is that?

And we haven't even begun to address how activist courts who believe non-citizens have rights under our Constitution would view any active attempt to enforce current immigration law, to say nothing of tighter controls.

"Can you 'racial profiling', boys and girls? I knew that you could."

I applaud W for tackling immigration in a REALISTIC manner. Baby steps - get the ball rolling, working in increments to change public opinion. Perhaps then, true immigration reform will stand a chance.

Reactions and other liveblogging -

Jack numbered his posts....show-off. Be sure to check out the Official TigerHawk insight on N Korea.

John Hawkins: "Bush did an solid job and I feel very comfortable with the speech he gave and the agenda he laid down."

Steven Taylor found it "fairly pedestrian" and "listy" (I loved that).

James Joyner: "a solid speech with lots of good sound bytes."

Ed Morrissey was more enthusiastic: "Good speech, probably a great SOTU speech."

Very funny liveblogging and some insightful analysis from Dale Franks

Jeff Goldstein translates the Dem rebuttal.

Posted by Cassandra at February 2, 2005 09:08 PM

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Tracked on February 3, 2005 03:33 PM


Ah, and now he is talking about helping out minority folks. Bush - playing the race card!

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:38 PM

Does everyelse get annoyed by the constant largely partisan applause? I mean, I don't care who the President is -- let him speak and hold all applause until the end.

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:42 PM

"People on trial for their lives must have competent lawyers by their side".

I agree -- if they can afford them.

If not, there is always some random guy.

(Maybe an insult will pull him out of retirement.)

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:43 PM

I miss him too :)

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 09:46 PM

I have to pay $350 Million now to help the f*ck*ng Palestinians? Great. F*ck*ng GREAT!

All I can say is it better freakin' work.

Syria -- shape up!
Iran -- shape up!

Well, at least we can address the problems caused by the real Nation States.

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:49 PM

An Iraqi chick next that voted. Cool.

She must think she is at a UK basketball game. She keeps making the "We are No. 1" sign with her hand.

It doesn't appear that she was tortured by starvation. (Pot, I'm kettle. You're black.)

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:54 PM

"Tell America not to abandon us!"

Here that Oh, Bloated One, Teddy!

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 09:56 PM

Another broadside at Teddy the K......no timetable for Iraq exit.....


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 09:57 PM

Did you see her hand shaking though? Bless her heart.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 09:58 PM

Tear jerking scene with parents.

Very Clinton like.

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 10:00 PM



Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:00 PM

The Shrub did good.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:02 PM

Yup......now the ass-hattery begins.


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:04 PM

And so it begins........Break out the Kool-Aid.


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:15 PM

KJ, such a sensitive covering of the embrace between Sgt Norwoods parents and the purple digited Iraqi woman whose dad was off'd by Saddams imps.

Too much like a chick flick, eh? (~;)

Good googly, I'm going to have to work on remembering the rest of the speech after those few moments (not to be soon forgotten) stole the show.

I did enjoy Dubyas *minor* beeaatch slap of the dims when he said our childrens futures should be of higher value to us than partisan politics [paraphrased]. Hillary looked her typical enthused...[or is that "euthanized"?]...self. Oy vey!

I see no point in listening to the dim rebuttal. Why ruin the pleasure of good company sharing a a 5 star meal by lingering in the restroom after *post-digestion. Nuff said. Crude, I know, but is it really that far off target?

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 10:20 PM

I'm gonna PUKE!! This bi'atch doesn't give a hoot for our G.I.'s.................piss off.


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:21 PM

Colt 1911A1 to my temple, now....


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:23 PM

Blink Nancy!


C'mon. Blink.

*look into my eyes -- you are feeling anti-American*

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 10:23 PM

I have the flu today, so I'm not tracking too well, but I'm not sure I understand your comment about "some random guy". Are you saying that all public defenders and private attorneys who do pro bono work are incompetent or indifferent? I think Dale Akiki would disagree with you.
From my personal experience with lawyers--fully paid by me, might I add--the record is about 50%. It's hard to choose an attorney, no matter how much you have to spend.
Nobody wins them all.

Posted by: MrsPurpleRaider at February 2, 2005 10:24 PM



Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:26 PM

Uh, no. You have to go back a while, Mrs. PR. I don't think you were around then. It was an inside joke.

some random guy was an poster back at TOB -- he was an attorney. I was insulting his ability -- not public defenders generally.

Posted by: KJ at February 2, 2005 10:26 PM

Nancy has exploded my head.

Posted by: spd rdr at February 2, 2005 10:26 PM

Mrs. Purple, Some Random Guy was a commenter on ScrappleFace a while back.


Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:26 PM

You have to excuse us... we get to reminiscing about old times.

It's amazing how often, when I'm searching for old JetNoise posts, I pull up ScrappleFace threads by mistake. When I read them, sometimes I could just scream for what we've lost.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:28 PM

Actually I enjoyed SRG, and I know you did too KJ. He was a hoot :)

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:30 PM

OK, sorry, it's been a while since I've seen ScrappleFace. Told you I had the flu today.

Posted by: MrsPurpleRaider at February 2, 2005 10:33 PM

Shouldn't Nancy Pelosi just have her name legally changed to Nancy Pissoffski?

Great live blogging, Cass....and KJ! I missed the kiss on the Liebeie cheek, though, and I wasn't even watching and bloggin! Maybe it was when I turned to scratch the doggies belly.

Funny thing, before coming upon the name of the live bloggers, I could tell immediately the first half was being done by a female!


Oh,did anyone see Teddy K? I didn't. I was just wondering if his...ahem... Parkinsons symptoms were still as pronounced as last SOTUS. Did he wear that same lovely outfit as in his Caption Contest pic? hubba hubba Jabba.

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 10:38 PM

The slow,gradual destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it is underway...With Nancy and Reid @ the helm....it's just a matter of time.And thank you God. for Dean as chair of the DNC!!!


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:39 PM

Mrs. Purple, SRG is WAY back. I think we're talking early 2003.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:41 PM

We sheould have a post on all the folks from TOB who fell off the face of the earth.

Bambi Stokes-Hymington - has she been seen lately?

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:44 PM

Wanted to let you know The Baron has moved. You may want to update your blogroll link to www.thebaron.us

Thank you for noting the change. I enjoy your blog.

Thanks for hosting a comment site tonight. It was nice to read.

Posted by: Baron at February 2, 2005 10:45 PM

Both Nancy and Reid refered to the Democratic Party's "plan"....guess JFK2 DID leave a legacy.


Posted by: Greg at February 2, 2005 10:47 PM

I miss the "Drive by____" guy
Lil Kim Il

That Guy (who writes great song parodies, but was a relative newbie after Jet Noise actually)

Darth Chef--who does make rare, one time appearances. Even recently.

I too really miss the Were Penguins. What [a}beautiful mind(s).

Frodo (very rare appearances)

Big Tex

Eddnut....MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! j/k!

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 10:50 PM

Frodo was supposed to be deploying to Iraq. I wonder what happened?

He should have access to a PC over there - he's an officer. That may explain the rare appearances.

Big Tex, like me, got his a$$ chewed a few times when he commented, so I think he got chased away.

Lil Kim Il... loved him.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 10:59 PM

...then there's
Old Sailor
The Other Scott
Mike G (does ANYONE hear from him at all? How the heck is he?)
Papertiger (rare appearances)

$%*%&%#*&% bootlickin', 1% richest, zionist, neocon, keyboard! Just keeps repeating repeating repeatinggggggggggggggg

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 10:59 PM

Drive by may be closer than you think :)

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 11:00 PM

Mike G was in chemo last I heard, and I was worried.

Papertiger comments over on E-nough!

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 11:01 PM

We did have fun before we had to move on.

Sorry. SRG was a hoot and I used to love reading his and KJ's comments.

The WerePenguins...I was thinking about one of your stellar posts at Scrappleface. You had done a consult with Dr. Stuhl about he-who-must-not-be-named and I remember reading that
and laughing until I cried.

There were some good threads and well, some great people. Whod a thunk it?


Posted by: Cricket at February 2, 2005 11:03 PM

Fr. Guido Sarducci
Danjo (who was at TOB just yesterday I think)
Pooke, who I love--doesn't come around much.
Dark Riders--hardly shows up to either blog..?

I liked ol' Big Tex. He's a honey. I didn't think he was quite as editable/erasable [crude] as Mike G, though.

I remember that New Yarker one time made some snarky comment asking if Jerry Falwell was monitoring Scrappleface. Mike G had had something crude deleted by Da Big Cheeto.

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 11:12 PM

Sometimes I had wondered if Drive by Guy might have an aversion to aeiou and sometimes y. (~;

How long ago was your last news on Mike G? I though at one time {a whiiile ago] you had posted something at Scott's about Mike G's e-mail not being any good anymore.

Possum still comes around. He lurks too.
It's certainly not the same though. Sometimes I think of just "moving on.ornot" (~;)

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 2, 2005 11:17 PM

Damn. I didn't realize you were live-blogging tonight, Cass. I would have hung out over here instead of writing my own nonsense. Good job!

Posted by: Jack at February 2, 2005 11:29 PM

I wasn't planning to Jack. My husband called and told me to turn the TV so I would be all Blogalicious ... whatever :) Anyway, yours made vastly more sense than mine. I should never live-blog - stream of (un)consciousness is not my metier.

I end up sounding like a Valley Girl.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 2, 2005 11:41 PM

I do remember Ranbutan. A ranbutan is a hairy lime.
Harry Lime (sp?) was the third man in Graham Greene's novel of the same name. And Harry Lime was also a thoroughgoing rotter by anyone's standards, purveying tainted penicillin.
Words mean things, don't they?

Posted by: MrsPurpleRaider at February 2, 2005 11:53 PM

Jericho -- loved quoting irrelevant scripture and sometimes had decent things to say as well. He usually only noticed me when he wanted to argue though.

Most of the other names I remember were mentioned above. I disappeared for a while while I asked my wife for help on No Government Cheese formatting. *blush*

BTS was a funny and strong willed.

Posted by: KJ at February 3, 2005 12:25 AM

I remember that I would have really liked the posts of the Were-Penguins of Seville if they/he had existed, but they/he did not exist, so I could not enjoy those non-existent posts. Sad, really.

I also liked SRG and BTS, even though we fought tooth and nail over religious expression in public fora; me for, them against.

Idiots like Ranbutan and Harry Lime were just annoying, wind-up freaks that went a long way towards spoiling the fun of Scrappleface for me. They were the antithesis of reasoned debate, choosing to simply shout repetitive bombast than think.

Still glad for all the familiar faces here, even if I can't post as often as I'd like.

Back on topic: Dubya killed em tonight! What a speech! He really rose to the occasion again. This one, and the one he gave right after 9/11 made me proud and honored to have him for my President.

Posted by: a former european at February 3, 2005 02:59 AM

I thought it was an extremely strong performance as well. He'll get no credit for it though... Sad.

I love that little smile that plays about his lips when he's feeling feisty - he was on his game last night and it showed.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 3, 2005 07:07 AM

A foolish consistancy is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistancy a great soul has simply nothing to do.

Essays: Fisrt Series, Self Reliance (1841)

Posted by: Drive-by Ralph Waldo Emerson at February 3, 2005 07:46 AM

I wish I would have known you were doing this last night, I could have read it in small increments and not all at once this morning.

I miss Sergei the make up artist at the Kremlin. I think he only ever posted once, but he made me laugh.

Mike G. sucks. Hope he is allright.

Remember that time we all got together down in South Beach, and realized after we got there that no one told Cat. That was an unfortunate oversight, but we had a good time in spite of it. KJ learned to ride a unicycle after a few too many.....good times.

Posted by: Pile On® at February 3, 2005 09:03 AM

I'm sorry Pile. I literally decided to do it at 8:59 - I had no plans to live-blog until I was on the phone with the Unit. Then I thought, "what the heck - if I'm sitting on the sofa anyway watching the speech, I might as well use my wireless and make a fool of myself in real time."

Posted by: Cassandra at February 3, 2005 09:09 AM

You absolutely did a FINE FINE job of live blogging the SOTUS. There were so many excellent points in it for me to try and remember, that it was nice to come here and "re-live" them. You and KJ both doing it was kinda like a twist or swirl ice cream cone. (~;). Fun.

I've never had any contact info. for Mike G. For any of you that do, it might be VERY cool if you'd at least see if it's working, and ask about him. I'd sure like to know if he's alright.

Pile On,
Now that you mention that South Beach thing. I vaguely recall Cricket mentioning something about it in an e-mail--as though she assumed I knew about it. I hate to admit it, but I had SO much e-mail to catch up on at the time that I was skimming through it. After 2 weeks in Switzerland and 2 in Ireland (back to back) I had ALOT of e-mail to catch up on--and inside only a couple of days before the media hounds were chasing me down about my $23 mil lotto win 2 days after we got back!! Sheesh.

Who knows? We may have unknowingly been close by the party! To escape all the hype and hounding we decided to head out on a 10 day Caribbean cruise and perhaps left from near where y'all were. I'm so severely geographically retarded, I dunno, but Adrian's NOT I'll have to ask him.
Wouldn't that be WILD if we'd all been in the same neighborhood at the same time? I'm sure ya had a whole mess o' fun.

OH, and I guess along with the curse of the Bambino having been broken, so it is with the curse of "darkside bloggers". What a nice change: mentioning RNBTN and nothing happening, but mentioning Drive By Guy and VOILA,[or is that VOWELA?] and he shows up. (~;)

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 3, 2005 02:03 PM

I have all sorts of information about Mike G. What do you want to know? He likes to vacation on the beach. The last library book he checked out was Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance
by Leonard Peltier. He also seems to buy a lot of products at the Adam and Eve websight.

Posted by: J. Ashcroft at February 3, 2005 02:44 PM

Awwwww....a man of such power, Mr. Ashcroft,and yet your humility forbids you to mention Mike G's favorite song.

Posted by: CKC of BlogGirls Behaving Badly at February 3, 2005 02:57 PM

I tried to e-mail Mike G when I found out he was getting chemo but the address he uses is bogus.

If a person really wanted to find him they could. He used his real name a couple of times but that seems a little invasive to me, so I won't go there.

Congrats on the big lottery win Cat, I am releived it wasn't our fault you were not at the reunion.

Posted by: Pile On® at February 3, 2005 03:37 PM

My wife and I had to hold our hands to block all the visual noise from Nancy and her energizer eyelids. If there are any lobbyists connected with Visine they definately have an in with Nancy Pelosi.

Posted by: Steller at January 24, 2007 12:59 PM

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