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February 27, 2005

Thomas Naughton: Great American Patriot

Via JHD, we are privileged to hear the words of a patriotic American, one Thomas Naughton of the Daily Collegian:

Guilt can only weigh on a person's mind for so long before they crave the act of purgation; to get the weighty feelings of shame and responsibility out of the mind - or at least the guilty parties attempt to find some kind of peace if they cannot rid themselves of a screaming conscience that implicates and indicts its possessor.

That said, perhaps some readers will understand why my friends and I rip yellow ribbon "support the troops" magnets off of cars or wherever people have affixed them. By ripping off these ribbons, we find a way to deal with our guilt, as though with each ribbon swiped we take back a life that was taken by this senseless war started by our senseless president and those who support him.

I see.

So, given any number of things you could do to oppose the war through the democratic process - lobbying your Congressman, giving speeches or writing columns to arouse voter opposition to the war, conducting protest marches, pressuring Congress to bring the troops home, organizing a letter-writing campaign directed at the White House - you choose to assuage your guilt by committing theft.

Such a time-saver, isn't it?

You choose to "exercise your First Amendment rights" - rights hard-won by military men in battles fought long ago - by denying military families the right to express their views. You would silence the speech of fellow Americans, because you don't agree with it.

You know, I believe I would "feel much better" if I had never read your column. You used a computer to write it. By your theory, as an American I have the right (one might even say the duty) to take your computer away from you. After all, I support the war and your column is anti-war and anti-military. I simply don't think I can live with the guilt if I don't do something about this situation. And as you point out, guilt can only weigh on a person's mind for so long before they crave the act of purgation.

I'll bet this fellow** was overwhelmed by guilt when he committed his act of purgation too. I'll bet it took a lot of guts for him to take his courageous stand against the Bush administration. Just look at all the folks who've been hauled off to prison for simply speaking out against George Bush - it's clear that in a country where free speech is prohibited, acts of desperation like yours are the only real recourse.

I've read many fine arguments against the "ideas" you express, here and here, and they make a lot of sense. But for this military wife the issue boils down to something much simpler. There is a name for what you are your friends are doing, Mr. Naughton. Fascism: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

You and your friends are too lazy to seek what you desire through the democratic process, so instead you seek to control others. You steal their property to silence speech you do not agree with. Perhaps you can explain to me how this behavior is that of a "patriotic American"?

Allow me to suggest the real reason you and your friends do not "support the troops": it is because military men and women oppose people like you with every fiber of their being. They are willing to die to keep people like you - people who think they are above the law - people who think their "feelings" matter more than the rights of their fellow citizens - from taking over this world.

I know you think you're right. But in a democratic society, other people are allowed to disagree with you. And they are allowed to say so, without having you steal their property or silence them with acts of childish thuggery. The difference between you and those troops you refuse to support is that they will defend your right to say something they think is completely wrong-headed: with their lives, if necessary.

You, on the other hand, are a bully who wants to be the only one allowed to speak. That is all your 'principled act' amounts to, in the end.

How pathetic.

** link via RIslander

Posted by Cassandra at February 27, 2005 02:19 AM

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It's always somewhat of a 'jar' when I see JarHeadDad referred to as JHD... those being my initials...

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at February 27, 2005 08:47 AM

Hmmm, that last one was "all about me" wudn't it?

As ever - good takedown, Cassie, and I wish I'd thought of the fascism angle myself. My brain seems hardwired when talking to lefties who hate soldiers... you almost always find they like soldiers (in an abstract, we can use 'em and not get hurt ourselves sort of way - they still generally detest us as individuals) when we're "their soldiers" being used for "their missions." Kind of like the probably apocryphal story of the Democrat who was appalled at the AF flyover of the Mall during some event associated with Clinton's first inauguration, who just felt that it was inappropriate - and his colleague who said, "Relax, Joe - it's okay - they're *ours* now!"

As if you can field a fully-competent military force from scratch, only when leftys are in power... and then dissolve it and not allow rightys to have one.

Makes my head hurt sometimes, at just how dense these people can be.

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at February 27, 2005 08:52 AM

Actually I was kind of humbled reading all of your arguments - they were far more eloquent.

I just came at it from a simpler perspective (I guess a Mom trying to explain to a child why what he'd done was wrong).

Haven't been able to think well this past week between work and migraines and other stuff going on - it's been kind of a muddle.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 27, 2005 08:55 AM

You can call me Ray........ but yuze doesn't have to call me Johnson! :-o

Now I know why you're always trying to out me John. By-pass my internet non de plume. You want your intials back! he-he!

What I find most annoying about the whole sitrep is the Collegian won't post any responses it doesn't agree with. Or could that possibly be under the same control of the misguided Mr. Naughton?

My son, Da College Boy soon to be renamed Da Surfer Dude, tried responding also to no avail. You would at least think a college student in Mass would want to debate the issure contritely with another college student from a different part of the country.

And he calls us "cowards"! He's basking in the glory of future job offers. If he's deluded enough he may be able to get on with Mr. Soros and begin a sister site to MoveOn. org! He's laughing all the way to the bank!

It is definitely a light beam into the irrational mind of a bedwetter. For sure!

Posted by: JarheadDad at February 27, 2005 09:07 AM

You would at least think a college student in Mass would want to debate the issure contritely with another college student from a different part of the country.

Why would you expect that? This is a guy who goes around ripping off stickers he doesn't agree with.

He doesn't believe in freedom of expression for anyone but himself, and debate is out of the question.

He doesn't want any viewpoint expressed but his own.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 27, 2005 09:24 AM

I went to the Daily Collegian and posted a response.
I am an Army Spouse and home is where the Army sends me.

It was short and sweet.

Posted by: Cricket at February 27, 2005 10:20 AM

I'd like to personally invite Mr. Naughton down to College Station,Tx. and try his collegiate free-speech exercise @ A&M............We LIKE yankees to show us the error of our ways.


Posted by: Greg at February 27, 2005 10:35 AM

Oops, forgot to add: I'm sure the Corps of Cadets would be THRILLED to personally escort Mr. Naughton around campus.


Posted by: Greg at February 27, 2005 10:37 AM

Ah, Cricket - go back and see if *they've* posted your response. I sent one in, too - the same thing I posted on my blog. As of this morning when I checked, they still hadn't posted it.

But, JHD - there is one response posted, negative, from a student, so it could be they just aren't going to let us outsiders get a word in.

It could also be they got flooded with a lot of pottymouth crapola and are just dumping everything.

Or - it's like you said!

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at February 27, 2005 11:00 AM

As of 20 minutes ago, they had only one response posted, the cowards.

JarheadDad - your response to him on Deb's site was choice. "Semper Fi buttmunch" - Heh! Sadly, your first line there said it best - he just doesn't get it. He doesn't even know what 'it' is, and yet he's certain that he doesn't want 'it'. I could almost pity him for not getting it ... Nah

Posted by: Barb at February 27, 2005 11:57 AM

I am happy to report that the actor who was so appalled by the flyover of AF jets during Clinton's first innauguaration has since become a staunch supporter of President Bush. Despite appearances, it is nice to learn that there are still some surviving brain cells left Hollywood. As for the DNC, well, that's another story.

Posted by: RIslander [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 27, 2005 08:20 PM

Inauguration (Damn!).

Posted by: RIslander [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 27, 2005 08:22 PM

Yeah RIslander, there is also some talk that he is dating Ann Coulter as well. Heh.

Posted by: Pile On® at February 27, 2005 08:37 PM

I missed the memo. Who are y'all talking about?

Hey Barb, Mr. Naughton is a funny boy isn't he? If I didn't have a son in college I'd worry that he is representative of most college students. Fortunately I know better! :-)

Posted by: JarheadDad at February 27, 2005 09:05 PM

I beleive his name is Ron Silver, one of two Hollywood libs who actually answered the wake up call on 9/11.

Posted by: Pile On® at February 27, 2005 09:59 PM

Mr. Pile On sir!
Send this man a stuffed marmoset and the thanks of a grateful nation.
I think the other Hollywood lib is James Woods, who was on a flight before 9/11 on which some of those hi-jacking homicidal maniacs were riding with him in 1st class. Can you say wake-up call?
JHD, and others: There was comment on the Belmont Club page about "what to do with Ward Churchill".
Lose tenure over fraud, bott him out, he could conter-sue with all the public criticism of his political views, etc., etc,., yadayadayada.

Let him talk. Let them all talk. Publish all their remarks. Play recordings of their spoken words. Let people see EXACTLY what they are and what they stand for. I, personally, trust most people to be ultimately repelled by this collection fo academic jokers. Shine a light and let in the fresh air.
Reality works.
And a merry good night to all.

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at February 27, 2005 10:11 PM

Being the decent soul I happen to be, I will give them all the blathering idiocy they want for half of what Churchill might be costing them.

Posted by: RIslander [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 27, 2005 11:24 PM

Naughton is attempting to coronate himself King of Asshats. It seems to be working.

Since Mr. Naughton, like all lefty asshats, appears to equate criminal behavior with "freedom of expression", lets jump on that bandwagon and punch him right in the mouth if we ever see him. Do you think he will applaud such a righteous "political statement"? Or, like most lefty cowards, will it be the old "good for me, but not for thee" approach?

Posted by: a former european at February 28, 2005 01:43 AM

Okay, since I can't post or comment on my own site, I'm visiting here. :-) I haven't heard from Mr. Naughton today. However, he assures me that his mom is proud of him too. If she's proud of him for stealing magnets, then I think that particular apple didn't fall far from the tree.


Posted by: Deb at February 28, 2005 02:43 AM

Deb - You haven't heard from him today because, at last sighting, young master Naughton was making his way through the cowpies in a local pasture to protest America's intense unconcern for the plight of the lactose-intolerant by engaging in some pre-dawn cow-tipping.

Posted by: cw4billt at February 28, 2005 07:06 AM

Or looking for mushrooms in the cow pies to help him "brave up" for his next diabolical patriotic scheme.

"Holy 'shroom in the cow patty Batman!" :-o

I wondered what happened to your comments Deb. Another mystery solved!

His Mom is proud? Hmmmm! That 'splains allot! Someone ought to ask her if she was at Woodstock and if young Squire Thomas is a love child. Or if she ever threw baggies of urine on returning Nam Vets. I bet the answer to those would be interesting! ;-)

Posted by: JarheadDad at February 28, 2005 09:39 AM

How much do you want to bet that Mama Naughton didn't believe in spanking, either?

Posted by: Barb at February 28, 2005 01:13 PM

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