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March 28, 2005

Bizzarro World

Patriarchy Sux II (or "The Vagina Diatribes"):

Feminism and controversy surged throughout campus on March 10. Black and white flyers depicted a drawing of a woman grasping onto a hammer with "FEMINISM" on the handle. In the middle of the female symbol fists were clenched and space above the woman read: "If I had a hammer...I'd SMASH Patriarchy." A bubble by her face said, "I FOUND IT!"
"[The event was designed to] encourage women to confront the perpetrators who are men," Smith said. "Ninety-nine percent of sexual perpetrators are men. They are the root cause of the rape and oppression against women."

The FAL's hatred of the patriarchy, a male-ruled society, was decoratively affirmed with 10 hanging balloons, each displaying a letter of the word "patriarchy." Each was dramatically popped throughout the event, symbolizing the eradication of the patriarchy.

"This is a place where women can feel empowered," Smith said. "There aren't many places in the world where women can speak out against those who have oppressed us, beat us and raped us."

Ummm... yeah. Raise your hands, everyone in the audience who's been raped. Oh... but I forget. When Bush was elected, we were all raped. Just ask Cameron Diaz...

The name of the event mimics the aggression that men exert, Smith said.

"'Slam' is an aggressive word, but slamming is the classic way men respond," she said. "They feel threatened and shape it as hate. It's an aggressive word, but it shouldn't get in the way of our message."

One man asked to leave was upset by the display of male-bashing:

"It was advertised as a public event, nowhere did the posters say 'Women Only,'" Huffman said. "They excluded me from a public event based upon my gender. There were a few other men there who were allowed to stay, but I was singled out in particular. Excluding one person from a public event is almost impossible to justify unless they are disruptive, which I was not. This is discrimination."

"[This] was an evening of man hating. This is no different than any other extremist organization that...promotes stereotypes," Huffman said.

He found the subject of castration particularly offensive.

"The poems that talked about castrating men were threatening, along with the scissors the girls wore around their necks," he said. "Ms. Smith read a poem where she said that she was proud to hate men. How is this any different than hating African-Americans or Jews?

What I want to know is, just where was the ACLU?

Update: Ack!

If parents and students are right to be alarmed by the results of recent national tests that show U.S. school children falling behind Latvia in math scores, and doing even worse in science education, they will really be puzzled by an initiative at the University of Michigan: Trying to require that all students take a mandatory course on gender and sex.

The same people who brought you "hate speech" codes now want another official captive audience so they can hector their charges about "oppressive" heterosexual dominance, homophobia, male harassment, "antiquated" religious beliefs about sex, and the usual laundry list of enthusiasms.

Students who refuse to take it cannot graduate.

I love it:

"This course will also encourage students to consider ways in which (the) texts both reflect and participate in the construction of sexuality, sexual identity, gender, and desire."


“will create new dialogues, challenge hegemonic discourse, break taboos and stigmas, and open up realms of communications among all students.”

In other news, the State of Michigan has its eye firmly on the educational ball...

Because it's all about priorities.

Posted by Cassandra at March 28, 2005 08:48 AM

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Any man who whines about being kicked out of that phreakshow deserves what he gets

Posted by: beautifulatrocities [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 28, 2005 10:02 AM

The PC crowd knows ALL ABOUT hegemonic discourse.

They allow no diversity of thought whatsoever, hypocrites that they are.

Posted by: Ciggy at March 28, 2005 10:35 AM

Those last two statements, along with lectures on quantum physics, caused my eyes to glaze over. Does this mean I am not heteronormed?

Oh. The humanity.

Posted by: Cricket at March 28, 2005 10:46 AM

Does this mean I am not heteronormed? - Cricket

Most engineers enjoy fixing problems, I'm sure yours would be particularly greatful for the opportunity. :-)

Posted by: Masked Menace© at March 28, 2005 10:57 AM

Interestingly enough (or not), a former employee who graduated from Ohio State about 10 years ago, was required to take a course in "Women's Studies" (which is similar to what you wrote about, Cass) to graduate.
Of course he took it, but I think that some of these courses will have the OPPOSITE effect which they were intended. That is, more open hostility to the PC-thought police trend.

We (myself and a particularly fiendish Notre Dame graduate) also had some fun with him by hacking into his work computer and sending an e-mail in his name to the Women's and Gender Studies Dept. at Michigan(in 1999) expressing interest in continuing his education in that field. Cruel, but dangerous. I'm 5'9", he's 6'5" and ~ 230.

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at March 28, 2005 04:16 PM

"It was advertised as a public event, nowhere did the posters say 'Women Only,'" Huffman said. "They excluded me from a public event based upon my gender.

Well, DUH, HuffMAN - of course they excluded you, going into the event with that MAN so prominently in your name. You were obviously expressing which gender you feel is superior. I'm sure some of them felt faint, as if they would vomit! Did you leave in a huff, man?

Posted by: MathMom at March 29, 2005 08:06 AM

He was literally shedding testosterone molecules: exuding an oppressive rape/fear miasmia by his very presence, MathMom.

It was intentional. You KNOW it was intentional.

Really, I fail to understand how you can be so insensitive.

Posted by: Cassandra at March 29, 2005 08:22 AM

I get like this after staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

Posted by: MathMom at March 29, 2005 08:24 AM

Those da**ed pigs probably shed testosterone all over the duvet.

I hate it when that happens. Been there.

Posted by: Cassandra at March 29, 2005 08:36 AM

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