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August 08, 2005

Scenes From The GWOT

Lies, piled upon damnable lies from that fascist war cheerleader Charlotte Hays:

The Army is already far ahead of the pace needed to reach its goal of persuading 64,162 current enlisted men, from privates to top sergeants, to commit to additional service.

Among elite units bearing the brunt of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, overwhelming numbers want to return to the fight: the 82nd Airborne, for instance, reached an astonishing 97 percent of its yearly re-enlistment goal by the end of May!

These numbers show that alarming press coverage of fighting in Iraq may scare away some civilians from military service, but those who know the situation first hand feel disproportionately eager to continue the struggle.

We are not fooled.

By the Beard of the Prophet, these are shameless doings:

Harry Potter's worldwide popularity is so broad-based that it has become favorite reading for Islamic terror suspects at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay. Lori, who for two years has overseen the detention center's library, said J.K. Rowling's tales about the boy wizard are on top of the request list for the camp's 520 al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, followed by Agatha Christie whodunits. "We've got a few who are kind of hooked on it. A couple have asked if they can see the movie," said Lori, a civilian contractor who asked that her last name not be publicized.

Next thing you know those jack-booted torturers will be forcing the detainees to play Quidditch. Where, in the name of all that's Holy, is the aptly-named Dick Durbin on this one?

Signs of the Apocalypse: is NY Times on the verge of a breakthrough?

Their names are Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith, Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester and Sgt. Rafael Peralta.

Huh??? Did the Times just mention decorated war heroes? WTF???

If you have never heard of them, even in a week when more than 20 marines were killed in Iraq by insurgents, that might be because the military, the White House and the culture at large have not publicized their actions with the zeal that was lavished on the heroes of World War I and World War II.

Whew! That was a close one. For a moment I thought we were facing Major Agenda Failure.

Oh for Pete's sake. Via Blackfive, more lies and shameless pro-war propaganda:

At the time of the attack, CPL McClellan was manning a guard post at the gate to Level I in Camp Redemption. Upon commencement of the attack, CPL McClellan attempted to direct that all persons within the site to seek cover and protect themselves. Upon moving forward to report his status to the NCOIC, CPL McClellan took cover in a mortar bunker where he noticed a detainee exiting from a hole cut in the fence in the southeast corner of Level I “Delta”. CPL McClellan confronted the detainee by aggressively moving forward and firing non-lethal rounds in the direction of the detainee and other detainees trying to escape. The detainees returned to their compound and CPL McClellan took cover in the mortar bunker just in front of the hole. Approximately 100 detainees began to engage CPL McClellan by throwing rocks, wooden objects and other materials while driving themselves into frenzy by chanting “ALLAH AKBAR”. The chanting detainees then began to throw rocks at the lights in an effort to break them to aide in their escape. CPL McClellan continued to hold off the massing detainees by firing approximately 12 rounds of non-lethal munitions. With less than two non-lethal rounds left in his arsenal, CPL McClellan began to raise his voice and waive his M9 pistol in the direction of the detainees....

I suppose you'll want to head over there and see how it all ended.

Administration patsies.

Posted by Cassandra at August 8, 2005 11:20 AM

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they wanna play quidditch? I have a few bludgers and beaters who will gladly punt them through the goal posts.

Aside from the snarky comment, I have a thought.

What classic literature has the Koran inspired in the last 150 years? That shows a triumph of good over evil and valuing life?

Posted by: Cricket at August 8, 2005 02:37 PM

That Harry Potter book better not be desecrated! It should be handled by infidels only when wearing gloves, and never touched by the unclean left hand.

Posted by: a former european at August 8, 2005 08:49 PM

Did you check out the 3/1 video when they went into Fallujah Cass? The Unit would really like that one!

Of course you can tell its the 2nd Battle of Fallujah. They had armor and stuff! ;-)

I went to the original site that has the videos but I have yet to learn how to make BitTorrent work! Growl! Maybe you can figger it out and instruct me on the finer points I'm obviously not aware of. Watch your mailbox!

Posted by: JarheadDad at August 8, 2005 11:17 PM

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