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October 12, 2005


Posted by Cassandra at October 12, 2005 03:09 PM

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» Goodbye, Cassie from Fuzzilicious Thinking
Cassandra (Villainous Company) has been the kind of blogger I would be in my dreams: witty, brilliant, up to doing the required research... in short, amazing. Her voice will be greatly missed. [Read More]

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» Ships Passing from Heigh Ho
I'll miss you, old friend. See you in the funny pages. [Read More]

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» Yet another reason why I loathe the blogosphere from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Posts like this. WHAT THE FUCK? We need voices of sanity! Every time I turn around, another GOOD blogger decides to shut down. I’m sick of this–good, smart writers leaving the blogosphere to be overpopulated with psychos. “Quitt... [Read More]

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» Oh… from fistfuloffortnights.net
…Dammit. ... [Read More]

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» Anyway Look At It, This Is Not Good from I love Jet Noise
Cassandra is quitting. Darn it! - Joatmoaf - [Read More]

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» I looked at my monitor and sadness from No Government Cheese
The blogosphere is a sadder place today. One of its shining stars has retired in her prime. You will be missed, Cassandra. I can only hope you keep coming back, like a deranged boxer. [Read More]

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» Heh. Just heh. from Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..
I know what she means. Perzackly. For a while the guns thunder, And send their missiles downrange in righteous wrath... But eventually, the rage subsides, or the message is delivered, or, sometimes, the bastards just grind you down, and the... [Read More]

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» What???? Cass is done? Say it ain't so from Pirate's Cove
I was planning on spending a day san's blogging, just doing Real Life things, but, I took a quick perusal through Bloglines, and saw, through Beth, that Cassandra at Villainous Company was done. So much to say in praise of [Read More]

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» As if the News isn’t Depressing Enough from The Sundries Shack
Villainous Cassandra, one of the five best writers in the blogosphere, a good person, and a hell of a looker, is hanging up the keyboard. …because of Harriet Miers and people who can’t argue without making it personal. I can’t say ... [Read More]

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» STORED, UNSERVICEABLE? from Cold Spring Shops
It appears as though Cassandra at Villainous Company has suspended service. [Read More]

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