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June 08, 2006

What Experts Think Of Murtha's "Troops Are Stressed" Theory

Via Cory Dauber:

Among the symptoms of PTSD, Hansen said, are irritability, insomnia, occasional flashbacks to traumatic incidents, anxiety and depression. But violence, including battlefield retaliations, rarely result from stress, he and other experts on the condition said.

"People don't kill other people because they are stressed," Hansen said. "Can it make them cranky or impulsive? Sure. But pinning these things on PTSD is simply not scientific. This condition does not cause otherwise normal people to commit crimes."

"Combat stress is not an excuse," said Col. Dan Kessler, 45, of Latrobe, Pa., the 3rd Brigade's deputy commander. "Discipline and leadership are the bedrock of any organization, and that should overcome whatever these guys go through."

The Veterans Affairs Department's National Center for PTSD, in White River Junction, Vt., lists dozens of potential "effects of traumatic experiences," from drug and alcohol abuse to gastrointestinal problems. Violence is not mentioned.

An excellent article detailing some of the proactive steps the military is taking to alleve combat stress. Previous posts on PTSD:

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