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October 30, 2006

Scum! Villainy! Treason In The Ranks!

The Enemy are already running scared folks. So frightened are these petticoated.... pantiwaists that they have resorted to the most scurrilous of tactics to try and undermine the home team:

Blogger teams will be divided along military branches, with civilians "up for grabs."

The lines are drawn by service rivalry:

Jarheads (Marines) will be led by Holly Aho (and just what is up with the PINK TEXT?)
Zoomies (Air Force) will be led by Mrs. Greyhawk
Squids (Navy) will be led by ???.
Doggies (Army) led by Matt and Jim of Blackfive


Ye can send your poor confused readers to the wrong team leaders all ye want, me lads, but it will avail ye little in the end.

You are going DOWN.

Now I ask you, dear readers, are you going to let these, these... well, the half vast editorial staff will let you decide what to call them... win?

Join the Marine team NOW! Don't let the Army of Fun prevail!

We may be small, but we are mighty and we CAN prevail over these, these behemoths.

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." --President Ronald Reagan, 1985

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