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October 17, 2007

Thank you for visiting VC

As you may have surmised, I am no longer blogging. When I left on September 20th, I had written nearly 3000 posts. I had deleted them all this week, but a discussion with a few friends convinced me to leave a few behind for now, at least.

I am not sure they represent my best work but they are posts I am not ashamed to call my own, and if you have never visited here before they may give you some idea of what this place was about. Or... not :)

Be advised - since I have deleted the rest of the posts on this site, the connecting links at the top of each page will not work.

At any rate, enjoy.

KerryWatch: in which the Blog Princess lampoons the foibles of the Junior Senator from Massachusetts in a style reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

Battle of the Sexes archive

Tributes to the Fallen: you may have to scroll down here. I wrote an awful lot of these but I was not good about putting them into a folder. I will be adding to this over time.

The Boys of Summer is my favorite.

Where Are The Heroes?
: Captain Brian Chontosh, 1st Sergeant Justin D. Lehew, Corporal Jason Dunham, Staff Sgt. Robert Whisenant.

Sgt. Peralta: A Marine's Marine

And At Night I Dream Of You: a tribute to Lydia Estelle Bravo, killed on 9/11

Gregorio Manuel, written by my dear friend Carrie Costantini. Gregorio was also killed on 9/11.


American Dummitude

Democracy, The Glorious Dream

Faith and Commitment

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