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February 26, 2008

Crayon Physics

This is amazing. A few days ago, Pile sent me this game, which you may have seen. I'd seen a less fancy version a few months back. This is an extended version of the game, and it's fascinating:

You can read about it and see the prototype here, but best of all you can register to be notified when the full version of the game comes out. Pretty neat.

This is fun, too.

Posted by Cassandra at February 26, 2008 07:28 AM

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That software is pretty cool ... I sent the link to a few engineers I know and they loved it, my brother (who designs industrial fire protection systems) said he is going to suggest to his boss they buy it so interns and trainees can see what happens when they don’t hang the pipe properly!!

Posted by: Frodo at February 26, 2008 12:03 PM

I am hopelessly stupid about physics, but that doesn't stop me from finding it an endlessly fascinating subject. My mind just does not work that way. I wish it did and I admire people who can think that way. It upsets me that there is a whole part of the world that I don't really understand very well.

I so wish that I'd been forced to take more math and science as a young girl. But it was thought 'unnecessary' for females. I don't know that I'd ever have been really adept at these subjects, but the facility with which I picked up math late in life at least suggests to me that I'd have done better with it if I'd had a thorough grounding and more exposure as a child.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 26, 2008 12:11 PM

Unfortunately, I never really grasped physics either, I took the subject and barely passed. Probably because I never really took the time to understand it, rather then just remember formulas.

Posted by: Frodo at February 26, 2008 12:25 PM

That crayon thing is cool (although I haven't downloaded the quick and dirty version). I'd seen the original beta of Line Rider. I just had to quit playing because it was addictive: once I would start, I had a hard time stopping - I would just keep adding until I goofed so much the sled couldn't go forward anymore...

The paper airplane thing is cool. I've gotten one to go 42 meters so far...

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at February 26, 2008 05:29 PM

Well, for those of you with an interest, some physics and math, The Feynman Lectures on Physics is a classic. It uses little math and has no problem sets.

Posted by: Mark at February 26, 2008 05:59 PM

Thank you, Mark :)

Posted by: Cassandra at February 26, 2008 06:10 PM

I'm glad you liked it, Miss Ladybug.

Posted by: Cassandra at February 26, 2008 07:10 PM

I played the demo and drew one track. The sled would go down the slope, get caught in my trap, totally unintended of course, and flip around crazily like a wheel. The rider would get launched up in the air and slam ontop of a hill a I made. Then the rider would slowly but inexorably start to slide down the hill and off the charts.

This is what happened when I just drew some lines and curves without any idea of what might happen. Reminds me of some people that tried to do military strategy.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at February 26, 2008 09:59 PM

The crayon game would get old quick, methinks.

As for designing paper airplanes? I build real ones...

Posted by: camojack at February 27, 2008 12:31 AM

I'm hooked! Forwards and backwards. What an amazingly additive game.

Posted by: Russ at February 27, 2008 02:59 AM