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March 20, 2008

The Male Mind Is a Wonderful Thing


When my boys were small, I painted a small target on the inside back of the bowl with different colors of nail polish. Worked, too, as I recall.

CWCID: my Dad.

Posted by Cassandra at March 20, 2008 01:38 PM

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Geee wizz?

Posted by: Bob at March 20, 2008 02:03 PM

Well if you are going to do potty humor today I will leave all of you this flatulent bunny... Warning this may change your opinions of Bunnies.


PS. Happy Easter.

Posted by: Dr. Harden Stuhl at March 20, 2008 02:06 PM

So this is the right entry for Chuck Norris jokes, then? Where's my Sharpie?

Posted by: Grim at March 20, 2008 02:14 PM

Oh I love Chuck Norris jokes!

Posted by: Cass at March 20, 2008 02:36 PM

I have been through Schiphol many times, The facilities were in top shape. I never noticed the embed's, I'll have to keep this in mind for the next trip. I typically have a layover of 6 hours. I tend to spend it in the casino or at the bar.

It is allways fun to have a target to aim at.

Posted by: unkawill at March 20, 2008 03:02 PM

Chuck Norris looked in the bathroom mirror and it broke -- not because he's ugly, but because even the mirror knows not to get between Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. Now, they're just "the Islands."

Chuck Norris uses Tobasco sauce instead of Visene.

We live in an expanding universe. All of it is trying to get away from Chuck Norris.

Posted by: Grim at March 20, 2008 03:07 PM

Grim, the Norris jokes are a hoot. Norris and Bill Wallace were great fighters.

Posted by: Mark at March 20, 2008 05:50 PM

MathLad is in German Club at high school. They have a t-shirt that says "Chuck Norris Macht Frei".

Posted by: MathMom at March 20, 2008 07:45 PM

For more Chuck Norris facts, see here:


Can't vouch for the 'picked by the man himself' section.

"Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding."

Posted by: Blackhawk at March 20, 2008 09:27 PM

Despite being somewhat disgusted by guys that deposit cigarette butts in urinals, I've never been able to resist aiming at them. Must be a guy thing.

Posted by: suds46 at March 20, 2008 09:59 PM

Just remember the advice the RAF Flt Leftenant on exchange gave our enlisted personnel - please don't eat the mints in the ur-I-nals. Those are reserved for the officers.

Posted by: annlee at March 20, 2008 10:09 PM

Sign at local public ur-I-nal:

'We aim to please.

You aim too, please!'

Keeps the yout's in us from practicing that ever important life skill:

How to spell my name in the snow.

Posted by: Blackhawk at March 20, 2008 10:34 PM

Posted by: Ymarsakar at March 21, 2008 12:24 AM

When I was a kid my Dad would get up to go to work before we would go to school. The first one of my two brothers and I to go to the bathroom would find a cigarette butt floating in the toilet. By that time the water had loosened the paper and if you scored a direct hit on the butt then it would pop open and the tobacco would scatter all though the water. If you didn't hit it directly then you would end up chasing all around the toilet bowl.

Sometimes two of us would get in there the same time, and then there would be a competition as to who could hit the butt first. It did improve our aim.

Posted by: RonF at March 21, 2008 12:58 AM

"How to spell my name in the snow."

That reminds me that I need to share a story from when my wife and I were dating. We were discussing the inherent differences between men and women. I was a young soldier, full of vinegar and wanting to tweak my sweetie's sensibilities. So I threw this line at her:

"Well, men are clearly superior to women, because I can write my name in the snow."

Her response?

"I can write my name in the snow... with your BLOOD."

I knew then and there this woman was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with (and no... not out of terror).

True story.

Posted by: MikeD at March 21, 2008 10:01 AM

Funny, Mike.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at March 21, 2008 11:04 AM

Richard Nixon was sitting in the Whitehouse fuming over an insult. Someone had pissed in the snow "bleep Dick" and the President was not amused. He had the heads of the FBI and CIA on the carpet. "I want to know who did this!"

The next day a hang dog FBI director announced the results of his investigation.

Mr. President it is a problem. The urine is Henry's, but the handwriting is Pat's.

Posted by: Mark at March 21, 2008 01:28 PM


Oh geez! Does that spur the old joke stowage retrieval mechanism...

thump, thump, thump... Is that you Henry?

Willllll powerrrrrr.... must back away from keyboard.....

Posted by: bthun at March 21, 2008 01:43 PM

Awww, give her a break, Mark. She was just hoping Dick would shake something besides his jowls at her.....

*skipping away through the trees and breeze*

Posted by: Sly2017 at March 22, 2008 03:08 AM

Having had Close Encounters of the Unwelcome Kind with mosca domestica while perched above a drum of diesel fuel in the Land of the Two-Way Gunnery Range, my initial reaction upon viewing the artwork in the Schiphol gents' room was to use the sink, instead.

But then, maybe that's just *me*...

Posted by: BillT at March 22, 2008 06:22 AM

That is hilarious.

I wonder how soon ever household will have one?

Posted by: William Teach at March 22, 2008 03:11 PM

bthun, snark and bad jokes are mandatory.

Posted by: Mark at March 22, 2008 05:30 PM

It would work better if it kept track of high score.

Posted by: rodney dill at March 23, 2008 07:56 PM

Similar thing at my house as a kid.

My mom smoked. There were always cig butts in the toilet. I would pretend they were boats and sink them (damn things always floated back to the top though). Alas, with the reduction in smoking rates, kids today will not know this joy. I think we need to encourage more smoking, especially by parents of young boys.

Posted by: KJ at March 25, 2008 03:34 PM

Couldn't find a link to it but George Carlin had a nice routine from the 70s/early 80s (back when he was funny) about cigarette butts in urinals, the male goal was to "field strip" them... they were "targets of opportunity": "Ah, but a Kent with a Micronite filter... that takes a keg of beer...")

Posted by: obloodyhell at March 26, 2008 07:11 PM