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April 07, 2008

Back Now....

My apologies for the light blogging the past few days. What can I say? In the end, it's the housework that gets you...

Having a husband creates an extra seven hours of housework each week for women, according to a new study. For men, tying the knot saves an hour of weekly chores.

That, and the constant pressure of this rock star lifestyle:

Two weeks ago in North Lauderdale, Fla., funeral services were held for Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger on technology subjects who died at 60 of a heart attack. In December, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary. A third, Om Malik, 41, survived a heart attack in December.

Other bloggers complain of weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, exhaustion and other maladies born of the nonstop strain of producing for a news and information cycle that is as always-on as the Internet.

To be sure, there is no official diagnosis of death by blogging, and the premature demise of two people obviously does not qualify as an epidemic. There is also no certainty that the stress of the work contributed to their deaths...

But why let a few pesky facts interfere with a really riveting narrative? This, you see, is the beauty of professional journalism (with its rigorous layers of editorial fact-checking and control), as opposed to more interactive media like blogging.

Once you get the formula right, you can pretty much phone it in.

Posted by Cassandra at April 7, 2008 07:04 AM

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Is that why I put on some extra pounds?!
(Luckily, I lost 'em again...)

Posted by: camojack at April 8, 2008 04:02 AM

I *love* a good triveting narrative!

Posted by: BillT at April 8, 2008 07:10 AM