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May 28, 2008

Do Liberals View Blacks as Mascots?

Thomas Sowell is devastating on the subject of why so many of the "reality based community's" policies fail to achieve their purported ends:

The problem with being a mascot is that you are a symbol of someone else’s significance or virtue. The actual well-being of a mascot is not the point.

Liberals all across the country have not hesitated to destroy black neighborhoods in the name of “urban renewal,” often replacing working-class neighborhoods with upscale homes and pricey businesses — neither of which the former residents can afford.

In academia, lower admissions standards for black students is about having them as a visible presence, even if mismatching them with the particular college or university produces high dropout rates.

The black students who don’t make it are replaced by others, and when many of them don’t make it, there are still more others.

The point is to have black faces on campus, as mascots symbolizing what great people there are running the college or university.

Many, if not most, of the black students who do not make it at big-name, high-pressure institutions are perfectly qualified to succeed at the normal range of colleges and universities.

Most white students would also punch out if admitted to schools for which they don’t have the same qualifications as the other students. But nobody needs white mascots.

Various empirical studies have indicated that blacks succeed best at institutions where there is little or no difference between their qualifications and the qualifications of the other students around them.

This is not rocket science, but it is amazing how much effort and cleverness have gone into denying the obvious.

A study by Professor Richard Sander of the UCLA law school suggests that there may be fewer black lawyers as a result of “affirmative action” admissions to law schools that are a mismatch for the individuals admitted.

Leaping to the defense of black criminals is another common practice among liberals who need black mascots. Most of the crimes committed by black criminals are committed against other blacks. But, again, the actual well-being of mascots is not the point.

Politicians who use blacks as mascots do not hesitate to throw blacks to the wolves for the benefit of the teachers’ unions, the green zealots whose restrictions make housing unaffordable, or people who keep low-price stores like Wal-Mart out of their cities.

Using human beings as mascots is not idealism. It is self-aggrandizement that is ugly in both its concept and its consequences.

Posted by Cassandra at May 28, 2008 08:36 AM

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So now we know what we suspected all along, that racism trumps feminism? So much for life under the democratic umbrella.

Posted by: vet66 at May 28, 2008 11:24 AM

I know that the phenomenon Sowell mentions is what turned me away from liberalism as a young woman: I noticed that progressive remedies didn't work. In fact, they often made things worse because they either ignored human nature or the laws of economics (which is essentially the same thing, because economics deals with how human beings make decisions when resources are scarce and trade-offs must be accounted for). I couldn't understand the point of trying to solve problems by doing things that demonstrably ignored cause and effect.

Posted by: Cassandra at May 28, 2008 11:46 AM

That's not an umbrella vet, as Sowell illustrates so well, that's a boot heel.

"...progressive remedies didn't work. In fact, they often made things worse because they either ignored human nature or the laws of economics..."
It hit me pretty hard in the same way on or about LBJ's administration. Yellow-dog Democratic parents darn near disowned me when I told em I registered as I and voted R in '72.

Posted by: bthun at May 28, 2008 12:20 PM

Lefties have never given a damn about people. This is news to anyone with an eye to see and ears to hear? It has always been about making themselves feel good and superior to everyone else. The Soviets just didn't try to hide it. They were very open about the fact that killing tens of millions of their own people was perfectly justified in order to make an ideological point.

Posted by: a former european at May 28, 2008 12:27 PM

People who can take care of themselves are not easy to control. Thus one of the principles of Democrat power must then contain the requirement that people become dependent and unable to perform or succeed. This invites in the "political solution" that promises success, if you will agree to become slaves again under the Democrats.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at May 28, 2008 12:51 PM

It has always seemed to me that "mascotting" is a way to appear as if one is acting responsibly when one is actually shunning any responsibility.
It's a hypocritical "dog & pony show" and that's all.

Posted by: Samantha West at May 28, 2008 12:53 PM

a former european wrote: "Lefties have never given a damn about people."

Well now, I wouldn't say _that_. There was a time when lefties gave a damn about regular folks. It was when lefties still _were_ regular folks: the 1800s, when 'liberalism' meant being against the very real abuses of human rights and human decency that were rife in the world, and when liberals elevated their leaders from within their own ranks.

The real trouble started when politics became a new aristocracy, and it became possible to spend one's entire working life as a politician or a policy wonk of one kind or another. Modern lefty leaders have been trained from birth to think of themselves as the Elite, superior to the rest of us. Of course they're going to be racists. How could they possibly be anything else?

Posted by: wolfwalker at May 28, 2008 04:39 PM

All I could think of, as I read this, was the dissatisfaction Michelle Obama felt, in college and the condescending attitudes she found there. Too bad she didn't get in touch with Mr. Sowell, instead of Reverend Wright, she might have understood all of this a lot better, and not hated her country for so long.

Posted by: Jim T at May 28, 2008 07:58 PM

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