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May 31, 2008

It's Bathing Suit Season! Caption Contest


This is KJ's fault. We refuse to accept responsibility for any residual psychic trauma resulting from having viewed this image. That said, have at it.

Posted by Cassandra at May 31, 2008 10:42 AM

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Tha therapisth thaid to thing thith thong all day every day, but I don't think itth helping...

Posted by: Mosieur Del A-cately En-Loafers at May 31, 2008 11:32 AM

Never mind the residual psychic trauma -- how do you get stomach acid off a laptop screen?

Phone calls and/or telegrams only, please.

Posted by: BillT at May 31, 2008 11:35 AM

Bill, a good dowsing of your coffee should take care of the acid, unfortunately, it will eat through the plastic keys on the board and dissolve all of the circuits....obviously you need to recalculate the elevation of your aim, *it's* closer than you think.

Posted by: DL Sly at May 31, 2008 11:53 AM

Sideshow Bob leaves Krusty the Klown for the beach at Ipanema.

Posted by: a former european at May 31, 2008 01:47 PM

I'll never again book a flight and a room with Barney Franks for Carnaval in Rio... Never... Ever.

Posted by: Steve Gobie at May 31, 2008 05:49 PM

Trevor who had always been a bit of a free spirit finally gave up his principles and went corporate, selling out to Big GumballĀ®.

Posted by: Pile On at May 31, 2008 07:04 PM

OMG! The trauma! The Gumballs need therapy! The human (and I use that term loosely) is beyond help.

Posted by: Nina at June 1, 2008 11:13 AM

Oh, like you all don't have a suit just like that in your closet? :p

Personally I think he deserves a certain amount of credit for making me laugh.

Posted by: Cassandra at June 1, 2008 11:42 AM

The very last words in Men in Black, spoken by agent "L", come to mind ...

... not much of a disguise ...

Posted by: Rich Casebolt at June 1, 2008 01:05 PM

Dr. Frank N. Furter does Rio ...

Posted by: Rich Casebolt at June 1, 2008 01:06 PM

Heh :)

Posted by: Cass at June 1, 2008 01:39 PM

"They don't make penny candy like that anymore"

Posted by: Ky Woman at June 1, 2008 01:50 PM

Why are you so much a vulpine fox, Cass?

Posted by: Ymarsakar at June 1, 2008 02:17 PM

Bill, you can put that keypad in the dishwasher. They said so on NPR, so it must be true.

Posted by: April at June 1, 2008 02:54 PM

'Hyr nayme was Lola...'

Folsom Street went south.

Posted by: Cricket at June 1, 2008 03:10 PM

I'm afraid to inquire as to where one would insert the token for the gumball?

Posted by: vet66 at June 1, 2008 03:13 PM

I'd be more afraid of getting *hand lotion* instead of the gumball....

*heading for the hills*

Posted by: DL Sly at June 1, 2008 03:18 PM

Bill, you can put that keypad in the dishwasher.

I was afraid she'd hit me, April.

Posted by: BillT at June 1, 2008 03:26 PM

Haha, Bill! I had to read it twice. I'm a little slow.

Posted by: April at June 1, 2008 04:05 PM

's okay -- it makes up for me being a little fast.

*I'm soooooo going to Hades for that*

Posted by: BillT at June 1, 2008 04:44 PM

And here is a man that needs no introduction, the democratic nominee for 2012!!!! lets hear a great round of applause.

gum ball anyone?

Posted by: Artfldgr at June 2, 2008 03:04 PM

"Steve? *sniff* They didn't like it....*sigh*... No, I don't know why...*snuffle*..all they said was that they didn't 'get it'...*sigh*...I mean, how could they not 'get it' -- rainbow suspenders, rainbow gumballs....Hello? It's the Rainbow Coalition convention!....yeah, at the Bellagio....what do you mean 'wrong casino'....Ohhhhh....well, that would explain all the donkey posters, then."

Posted by: DL Sly at June 2, 2008 03:38 PM