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November 12, 2008

Project Valour IT

marineflag.jpgVia Grim, Project Valour IT has begun its annual fund raising drive:

You've probably noticed that the annual Project VALOUR-IT fundraiser is on. Doc Russia tapped us for the Marine Corps team. If you want to donate, and mark it USMC, we'd appreciate it.

Though it is still early and we have not yet had our second cup of coffee, the Editorial Staff have already joined the Marine team and made a donation.

Go thou and do likewise.

Posted by Cassandra at November 12, 2008 06:45 AM

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"NOA war correspondent in Korea during the war told the following story:
In an R & R area, well south of the action, there were two separate camps. The first was a well equipped US Army camp that served high quality hot food and had warm sleep areas. The other was a somewhat bedraggled collection of secondhand tents, with poor quality services available to the war-weary Marines.
The army camp sported a large elaborate sign at their front gate which stated: "WITHIN THESE WALLS RESIDE SOLDIERS WHO ARE SECOND TO NONE"
In front of the shabby Marine camp was hung a poorly hand painted sign, which simply said,"NONE."


Posted by: Semper Fi Wife at November 12, 2008 09:46 AM

rooting for the Jarheads,
and I thought you were smart.


Posted by: Marvin at November 12, 2008 06:29 PM

Young man... I am married to one of those Jarheads. You didn't expect me to root for the 'other side' did you?

Posted by: Cassandra at November 12, 2008 06:33 PM

Cass's loyalty cannot be bought, not even by chocolates.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at November 12, 2008 09:39 PM

The reason the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines squabble among themselves is that they don't speak the same language. For example, take a simple phrase like, "Secure the building."
• The Army will put guards around the place.
• The Navy will turn out the lights and lock the doors.
• The Air Force will take out a 5-year lease with an option to buy.
• The Marines will kill everybody inside and make it a command post.

Posted by: Semper Fi Wife at November 13, 2008 09:39 AM

An Army grunt sitting in a foxhole, eating MREs and wearing 50lbs of gear after having marched 12 miles, says: "This sucks."

A Navy seaman sitting on his 5' X 2' bunk, in a closet-sized room smelling of oil and rolling from the waves, which he shares with 6 other men, after not having seen the sky for 30 days says: "this really sucks".

A Marine, doing push-ups in the mud during a downpour, after an 18 mile march with 60 lbs of gear, says: "I love the way this sucks, oorah!"

The special forces green beret crawling through a leech-infested swamp, eating nothing but bugs and tree bark for 6 days, sneaking around past armed terrorists, says: "I wish this could suck some more!"

An Air Force pilot sitting in an easy chair in an air conditioned hotel, holding a remote control, says: "no cable? this sucks!"

Posted by: Semper Fi Wife at November 13, 2008 09:42 AM

SFW (Special Forces Warfare lol), you are a riot.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at November 15, 2008 02:37 PM


Never mess with a Marine!

An army 2Lt. is taking his platoon on patrol when his scouts come running back and say
"Sir, there's a Marine standing in the way of the road".
The Lt. scoffs and sends a fire team to go investigate and remove the Marine.
They approach the Marine and he begins to head for a small ridge
on the side of the road and motions for them to follow.
As the rest of the platoon advances and takes cover they hear yelling and screaming.
The Marine emerges a couple minutes later and dusts himself off
and again stands in the middle of the road.
The Lt. curses and calls for a squad to remove the Devil Dog.
He again heads down to s small ridge and they follow.
Once again there is blood-curdling screaming and weeping.
And AGAIN the Marine emerges and dusts himself off.
Bewildered and pissed off, the Lt. sends all but his platoon Sgt. down and says
"Eliminate the motherfu**er". They run towards him and again follow him to the ridge.
The screaming begins again and suddenly a specialist comes running up,
bloody, his cammies all mangled. The Lt. is in shock and says
"What the hell is going on out there soldier?"
Gasping for breath the soldier replies,
"Its a trick sir!! There's two of em

Posted by: Semper Fi Wife at November 16, 2008 05:00 PM