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December 31, 2008

I Love This Product/Site

For a while now, I've been wanting to introduce a new feature. I got the idea from Andi at SpouseBUZZ.

Over the years, I've learned so much from other military wives and Andi's idea of featuring products she's found to be helpful and encouraging other military wives to do the same is a great one. I'm going to introduce a slight twist on her idea though.

I'd like to break up the weekly products with web sites I like. I am arguably the world's biggest Internet shopper. I hate malls and hate shopping, so I buy a lot of things over the 'Net. Consequently, I get a lot of neat catalogs and I'll share some of the more interesting ones (I never realized how many more catalogs I get than most people!) with you every other week. Also I'd like to explore other interesting sites. Since there will probably be some sort of theme to my choices each week (or at least I hope there will), I hope you'll all chime in with your own suggestions in the comments section. I've created a new category in the sidebar so these posts will be easier to look up in the future, or you can simply use the Search feature in the sidebar.

This week's product theme is...

[drum roll]

Natural pain relief.

Some of you will know that the Editorial Staff suffers from migraines. I had a rather interesting holiday. It was preceded by four or five days of pretty much constant pain and very little sleep. By Christmas eve I had a houseful of kids, a sensation in my left eye that can only be described as "akin to being repeatedly stabbed with an icepick", and a blinding feeling of nausea every time I turned my head too fast.

This is something that happens a few times a year, and when it happens there is nothing that helps - not medication, not sleep, nothing. Normally, I would have ended up flat on my back for two or three days. But amazingly, though I didn't feel so great, I was able to avoid going down for the count through a combination of Alleve, drinking a lot of water, and a little miracle in a bottle purchased for me by my parental units.

It's called Soothanal X2, and it is the only thing I've tried in 20 years of having these darned things that relieves the pain. It truly is amazing:

Adults and children 2 years of age and older:

Apply 2-5 drops to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.
Wash hands before and after use.
Children under 2 years of age: Consult a physician.

Ingredients: Arnica Oil, Calendula Oil, Cayenne pepper, DMSO, Emu Oil, Ginger, Limonene Oil, Menthol, MSM, Olive Oil, St. John's Wort Oil, Wintergreen.

Users: For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.

One caveat: Soothanal contains DMSO. If you know nothing about DMSO, you should read about it before trying Soothanal. You have to be careful with any topical analgesic containing DMSO as it is a powerful solvent that conducts other chemicals through cell walls, causing them to be absorbed faster and more thoroughly than they would otherwise be.

What this means to you (so long as you wash your hands while using an analgesic with DMSO) is that it enhances the effectiveness of any compound that contains it. But if you have some toxic substance on your hands, you are also rubbing that into your skin. This is why it is critical to wash your hands before and after contact with DMSO.

I use it all the time and have been thrilled with the results. It has allowed me to stay on my feet many times, alleviating severe and chronic pain quickly (and the relief lasts for several hours). This allows me to reduce the medications I take, which is important because I hate taking pills.

I rub just a few drops into the back of my neck or the upper part of my spine (between my shoulder blades, where I get a lot of tension) when I feel a bad headache coming on. I've also used it successfully on the Unit's back when it spazzes out. Just a few drops kills any pain he's feeling instantly.

Posted by Cassandra at December 31, 2008 05:40 AM

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For natural pain relief, I've found an internal application of moderate quantities of JD works wonders.

Posted by: BillT at December 31, 2008 08:36 AM

Well, for a regular tension headache you're right :p Often a glass of wine or a cup of coffee helps.

For a severe migraine (which are right up there with giving birth to a 10 pound baby, and I'm not a very big person) nothing much has worked for me. And I get frequent migraines even though I'm on daily prophylactic meds (no smart remarks, guys) :p

I have tried everything. Even being shot full of Demerol often doesn't stop the pain. All it does is put me to sleep (which is merciful, but it still hurts while you're asleep). So when I find something that actually *does* make the pain go away, even for a few hours, believe me I am impressed.

Posted by: Cassandra at December 31, 2008 08:52 AM

Often a glass of wine or a cup of coffee helps.

I drink coffee by the pot.

Call it prophylaxis...

Posted by: BillT at December 31, 2008 09:03 AM

I drink an awful lot of coffee too :p

One of these days I am just going to figure out how to mainline it.

Posted by: Cassandra at December 31, 2008 09:17 AM

Oh. I forgot to mention that although it may seem too expensive, the bottle lasts a very long time. I use mine constantly (I'd say several applications a day, at least 2 or 3 times a week except for rare stretches when I don't have a headache for a while). I've had it since early summer and still have 4/5 of the bottle.

You only need a few drops - seriously - per use. So a very small bottle lasts far longer than you would think. It has a handy applicator that prevents more than a drop or two from coming out, so you can't waste or overapply it without considerable effort.

Posted by: Cassandra at December 31, 2008 09:24 AM

My mom is all into the essential oils. They do work wonders. She uses the Young Living brand and swears by them - she has a big book that will tell you which oils to use for which ailments. And, in many cases, a little bit goes a very long way, usually through diluting the "neat" oil with a lotion or such when needed for topical application. I'll have to see if she's familiar with this concoction.

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at December 31, 2008 10:50 AM

THANK YOU! I have ordered from NorthStar before but it was a different pain relief product. I will give this a try as I still have intense pain.

Posted by: Cricket at December 31, 2008 05:21 PM

For natural pain relief, I've often found that an application of rapidly moving lead does wonders for eliminating said pain.

It's bound to get you talked about, but as long as your aim is careful enough to miss, thus precipitating the pain to, equally rapidly, "be somewhere else", it's usually effective without excessive "ripple effect" headaches.


Posted by: OBloodyhell at January 2, 2009 01:03 AM



Cool stuff, with appropriate caveats. From what I understand, if you touch your finger to a saucer of lemon juice containing DMSO, you'll taste it almost instantly, as the citric acid is transported through your body's cells.

Posted by: OBloodyhell at January 2, 2009 01:07 AM

One of these days I am just going to figure out how to mainline it.

I learned that trick in Basic Training. A pinch of coffee grounds between the cheek and gums. Works wonders.

Posted by: MikeD at January 2, 2009 09:33 AM