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March 04, 2009

Well Al-righty Then...

Your result for The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test...

You are Aphrodite!

The Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite is passionate, creative, and an outgoing, friendly person. She always enjoys the moment, lives her life to fullest, and especially enjoys falling in love. She has a great level of energy and other people are attracted to her vibrance and confidence. She brings out the emotion and intenisty in others. She likes variety in her relationships and activties. However, she tends to be flaky and pays little attention to future consequences of her actions.

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Posted by Cassandra at March 4, 2009 07:29 AM

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I bet myself I would be either Hera or Hestia before I even started.

I am Hestia.

Posted by: Cricket at March 4, 2009 01:11 PM

Well, my result did not make any sense to me at all :p

That's why I thought it was so funny!

Posted by: Cassandra at March 4, 2009 01:16 PM

Your result for The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test ...
You are Demeter!

The Goddess of Grain and Fertility

You are Demeter!
Demeter is very nurturing and caring. She is dedicated to her children and she lives for them. If she doesn't have children, she cares for her pets and her relationships with the same intensity. Her nature is dedicating her altruistic love to whoever needs it most, and she enjoys volunteering. On the bad side, she might expect the same unconditional love back and doesn't recognize it when people don't need her help.

Posted by: Red AppleClover at March 4, 2009 02:46 PM

That's a nice one.

I think I'd rather be the Goddess of grain and fertility :)

Posted by: Cassandra at March 4, 2009 03:04 PM

You are Artemis!
The Goddess of the Hunt, Animals, and the Young

Artemis is driven to succeed, thriving in adventurous or unique situations. She sets her goals, and her ambition, determination, and perseverance lets her achieve them. Her competition sometimes intimidates others, but she is also widely admired. She is healthy, independent, believes in feminism, and needs little help to go after what she wants. On the other hand, she can be rebellious and isolate herself from relationships and emotions.

Posted by: DL Sly at March 4, 2009 03:13 PM

I heard that......

Posted by: DL Sly at March 4, 2009 03:18 PM

Rebellious? You?

*choking back laughter*

Posted by: Cassandra at March 4, 2009 03:30 PM

"Rebellious? You?"

Yeah, I know. I didn't get that part either.
Must be a glitch in the test......


Posted by: DL Sly at March 4, 2009 03:37 PM

I'm also Demeter, Goddess of Grain (makes sense, I can't stick to a low carb diet because I crave homemade bread) and Fertility (also makes sense, I got pregnant while faithfully taking my pills).

Posted by: Deb Conrad at March 4, 2009 11:14 PM