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April 28, 2009



I can identify :p

Posted by Cassandra at April 28, 2009 05:35 PM

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Blue? Alrighty then, some mood music while I pack away the power tools, crack a brewski and review the pool opening checklist.

Lesee, remove cover, top off, test water, post No Liberal Bikini's Allowed signage at gates to pool... =8^}

Posted by: Manchurian-bubba-hun at April 28, 2009 05:59 PM

I could use a drink. SWHNOB came home last night with *flu-like* symptoms....yes, we live in San Diego county.

So, here's something new for the Princess. I know this Rx always lifts my spirits.

Posted by: DL Sly at April 28, 2009 06:56 PM

It's going to be all right :)

Wish I could be there for you. But check your mail.

Posted by: Princess Leia in a Bipartisan Bikini at April 28, 2009 07:44 PM

Some poor folks just seem to exist in a continuous blue funk...


Posted by: BillT at April 28, 2009 07:45 PM

I am listening to 'Mr. Blue Sky' by ELO. Retro bubble-gum indeed.

Posted by: Cricket at April 28, 2009 09:34 PM

I hope you're feeling more "in the pink" now.

Posted by: camojack at April 29, 2009 04:07 AM