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April 05, 2009

Photo of the Day


More here.

Posted by Cassandra at April 5, 2009 11:44 AM

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Looks peaceful, doesn't it?

Posted by: DL Sly at April 5, 2009 01:15 PM

Lone trees are just about the *perfect* registration point for artillery.

Posted by: BillT at April 5, 2009 01:38 PM

Look out for the tunnels....

Posted by: vet66 at April 5, 2009 02:33 PM


Posted by: Ree at April 5, 2009 09:57 PM


Posted by: Ree at April 5, 2009 10:00 PM

Oh, I wish...

Posted by: HomefrontSix at April 6, 2009 04:23 AM


Posted by: Cricket at April 6, 2009 12:06 PM

Mountains may march, yet
Stand hard your ground and colors
You shall be renewed

Posted by: Upside at April 6, 2009 01:04 PM

That's a Garden?

Anyway, a great shot. I think Photoshop helped a little in brightening the area around the tree. Ansel Aams would have liked it. Even if it is in color.

Posted by: ZZMike at April 6, 2009 03:47 PM

Dunno, Mike -- the clouds are stratocumulus, which are full of ragged, towering holes that let sunlight do interesting things if you're patient.

Or really lucky.

Ansel Adams would've spent the day in that spot, whether or not he hoped for a pic...

Posted by: BillT at April 6, 2009 04:02 PM

This used to be a rain forest. Before the tragedy of Bush's forestry policy, that is.

Posted by: KJ at April 6, 2009 05:05 PM

Wow. Just wow. That's beautiful!

Posted by: Cat at April 6, 2009 05:11 PM

"This used to be a rain forest. Before the tragedy of Bush's forestry policy, that is."
And before that, it was once covered in a beautiful glacier, until cro-magnon man exploited fire for his selfish and greedy pursuit of personal advancement. Yes, the tragedy that befell this once pristine site can now be traced back through history to his carbon footprints.

Posted by: Neil Ander-Thal at April 6, 2009 05:21 PM