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August 04, 2009

Birthers... Plus!!!! Trig Palin's Real Mother, Revealed

The Editorial Staff are pained to admit that we really have not been following the Amazing Palin Impending Heartbreak Brouhaha. Mostly, this is because we would be hard-pressed to describe how deeply, emphatically, passionately we refuse to notice people who have no lives of their own. Who, to fill some sick void where their souls ought to be, occupy their waking hours (and rape the attention of all and sundry) by conducting marital health checks upon a woman who isn't holding public office at present and (in a non-election year, no less) won't be running for anything anytime soon.

Can you say, "Pathetic losers", boys and girls? We knew that you could:

I'm no fan of the former governor of Alaska, but as a life-long feminist I can't ignore the endless stream of sexism directed at her.

Friday on MSNBC, guest host Donny Deutsch asked, "If Palin wasn't hot, would we be talking about her?" His two female guests -- one Republican and one Democrat -- were united in their disagreement with this assertion.

But Deutsch was adamant: "The only reason we are so fascinated, the American public has never seen a woman that looks like this in power. That's where the fascination starts."

Where was this insightful analysis when the vapid JFK-wannabe John Edwards and his silky hair ended up as the Dems choice for VP in 2004? Or was everyone too dazzled by his completely undistinguished one term as a senator?

In reality, being a "hot" female politician is more likely to result in accusations that you're a bimbo than public acceptance. If Palin didn't have other qualities -- like charisma and an ability to connect with the average American -- she'd never have risen as far as she has.

If all it took to become a rising political star were great cheekbones and nice legs, Victoria's Secret models would be on every presidential ticket.

There is something profoundly juvenile about adult men in the media grouping powerful women by crude stereotypes like "bitch" or "hot chick."

Gee. Ya think? But thanks to Miss Attila, relief is at hand. What a hoot to watch the People's Insatiable Appetite for Things that are Really None of their Damned Business recoil upon one of its most passionate adherents:

The blog appears to have routinely displayed content such as describing then Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin as wearing "f*** me pumps",or debating the acceptability of such concepts as referring to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as a "c**t". That misogynistic and vile descriptor was often used by some commenters at Gryphen's blog in addressing Palin, as well.

Based upon one report from an Immoral Minority reader, it's been claimed that Griffin's comments are moderated and potentially approved. Also, initial research suggests much of the more disturbing content there has never been deleted, or removed. He did denounce the word "c**t" as an "unfortunate pejorative" when directed at Rice, though seeming to do nothing to clean up said remarks in any way.

In what appears to be a fairly consistent sexual theme, Griffin makes remarks such as, "if sex is not naughty then it is almost not worth doing", claim that he is "promoting self-pleasure", and instructing that, "Your penis will respond more readily if you take it out and put it through its paces more often".

It appears that someone who wanted to spend a large amount of time researching Griffiin's site for what many would consider as inappropriate content for children, the search could go on for quite some time.

So much for being outed. If you insist on acting like a jackass while "hiding" at the top of your lungs in plain sight in a positively Olbermanesque fashion, odds are that sooner or later some little Eichmann will pull the frilly panties of fascistm over your head. Sadly, it's likely to be the very same little tykes we grown-ups ask to reprogram our VCRs because they're so much more tech savvy than we are.

And another thing: threats rarely make effective rebuttals.

If you people insist upon wading through the murky depths of bizarre conspiracy theories and as-yet-undisclosed scandals, far better fare awaits your delectation:

this one is all mine - Obama is triplets. I mean, really, think about it. It explains so much. Even his most slavish admirer noted that:
... [Obama’s] a surprisingly uneven campaigner.

A soaring rhetorical flourish one day is undercut by a lackluster debate performance the next.

People remarked on this phenomenon throughout the campaign and eventually settled on the explanation that he was lost without his teleprompter. Maybe so. But it would make just as much sense to theorize there were two Barack Obamas campaigning. Not only would that explain why his performance was so uneven but it would also explain so much more.

It would explain why he didn’t know what the Reverend Wright had said and how he could be unaware of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s past history despite living in Chicago all those years. It would explain why he seems to genuinely adore his wife and daughters yet used misogyny so well in his campaign against Hillary Clinton. It would even explain those slips like “spreading the wealth” and the whole bitter-cling thing. Sometimes we were seeing the Barack Obama we knew about: Hawaii, Indonesia, Columbia, Harvard, community organizer, Constitutional law professor, devoted husband and father, rising politician. Sometimes we were seeing a second Obama who had grown up somewhere else - maybe Kansas - and didn’t have that history.

Fine, you say, I’ll buy twins. But why triplets?

To which we can only reply: "Why not?" If Sarah Palin's teen daughter can cram two pregnancies into a timespan normally reserved for a single birth and normal postpartum recovery, then Obama in triplicate is just another thing ne'er dreamt of in our humble philosophies.

But since we're all sharing secrets today, the Editorial Staff has a real whopper to impart to the huddled masses yearning for closure on the issue of Trig Palin's matrilineal descent. At last, courtesy of the irrepressible BillT, the photographic truth can be revealed:


Explains a lot, don't it? The tear soaked demands, the hormonal rants, the sudden cravings for copies of other people's personal records ...

Yep. Hiding in plain sight all the time. Andrew, you scalliwag!

Posted by Cassandra at August 4, 2009 03:16 PM

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I can only imagine that the Mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and assorted acquaintances of these immature, juvenile, adolescents wake every night screaming silently (or not so silently) at the horror sleeping next to them.

Pass the toothbrush and soap for a well-earned mouth cleansing for these developmentally arrested carbon footprints.

Posted by: vet66 at August 4, 2009 04:57 PM

I seriously doubt that more than a few of them have wives and/or girlfriends.

Posted by: Lucy at August 4, 2009 05:27 PM

That's a nice pic. What kind of camera is that?

Posted by: xax at August 4, 2009 06:16 PM

Is it just me, or are people getting a little more loony with each passing day?

Then, minding my own business, I read this.

I think I'm gonna need a few beers tonight.

Posted by: bthun at August 4, 2009 06:32 PM

In other news, I dug up a plant to see how it was growing.

Posted by: Cricket at August 4, 2009 07:20 PM

Well, I am a fan of Sarah. I do not know what it is that you do not like about here but that is your own problem to deal with.
She is a self made wonderful mother, wife, and nice person. She holds nothing back that's on her mind. I admire that is a person.
God bless her and her family always in what ever she pursue's in the future.
There are not many like her out there anymore.
That's to bad, too !

Posted by: Susan at August 4, 2009 07:30 PM

Super Glue gives new meaning to "A handful of Lovers..."

Beer sounds good. Let's make it a round of manly beers not those fruity urine specimens Obama, Gates, and Biden were playing with at the recent beer summit.

Posted by: vet66 at August 4, 2009 07:41 PM

I do not know what it is that you do not like about here but that is your own problem to deal with.

OK. I'm totally confused. Where, exactly, in this post did I say anything bad about Sarah Palin?

I said I refuse to pay attention to the morons who keep delving through her personal life looking for dirt. If that's a problem, I suppose I'm guilty :p

Posted by: Cassandra at August 4, 2009 07:57 PM

M'lady Cass,

I know confused.
I am good friend of confused,.
And you ma'am, are NOT confused!

Posted by: bthun at August 4, 2009 09:24 PM

I believe she confused your cut-and-paste from Kirsten Power's NY Post article with your own words.

I'm no fan of the former governor of Alaska,

Posted by: Beej at August 4, 2009 09:27 PM

Ah. That makes sense :)

Thanks. I chose that article because it was more persuasive coming from someone like Powers, who doesn't like Palin. If she can see and admit when her own side is in the wrong, that carries more weight with me than it would if the same statement came from someone who was a strong Palin supporter, especially b/c it takes courage to go against the tide.

That's something we all too often forget these days. We get so caught up in the fight that we forget there are folks who are capable of being reasonable even if it isn't in their best interest.

Posted by: Cassandra at August 4, 2009 10:06 PM

Yes, I respect Powers as a reporter more than most (reporters). Naturally she's on the wrong side politically. :)

Have you read this from Reclusive Leftist? This woman is to the left of Dear Leader, but she is compelling.

Feminists and the mystery of Sarah Palin

Posted by: Beej at August 4, 2009 10:45 PM

At last, courtesy of the irrepressible BillT...

You need to weed SpellCheck -- it keeps replacing "devastatingly not quite as ugly as you'd expect him to be" with single polysyllabic entries...

Posted by: BillT at August 5, 2009 02:30 AM

Can you say, "Pathetic losers", boys and girls?

Oh, of a certainty, yes. And methinks that sums it up quite succinctly...

Posted by: camojack at August 5, 2009 03:50 AM

When your down and out and pretty much have proven yourself to be a total failure in life - no, I'm not talking about me, yet - not to worry, there is a place for you at MSNBC.

Posted by: RIslander at August 5, 2009 10:05 AM

You didn't say anything bad about Sarah Palin. You just mentioned in passing of course, that her detractors still have PDS.

In addition to not having a life.

I am still checking my plants to see how they are doing.

Posted by: Cricket at August 5, 2009 01:33 PM

Hopefully you're not digging them *all* up to check on the health of their roots...

Posted by: BillT at August 5, 2009 01:51 PM

LOL, Cricket--I do that once a week with the carrots. I guess I shouldn't have thrown the seed packet away, so I'd have a clue when they'd be mature. :)

I don't have much of life, either.

Posted by: April at August 5, 2009 03:25 PM

My number one rule. Always worry about your own Brouhahas.

Posted by: Aresay at August 5, 2009 03:27 PM

Hope your feeling better have a laugh


10. “Can I tell you guys a secret? I have no idea what Cap & Trade is.”

9. “Why the non-alcoholic beer, Joe? If you get a little drunk, do you get reserved and coherent?”

8. “Quiet! Don’t say that with the cops around!”

7. “I have to confess, I’m a little prejudiced against blacks myself. Every time Malia and Sasha hug me, I check my wallet.”

6. “To help with racial justice, I have the Secret Service randomly beat up white people. Sorry, Joe.”

5. “I love you guys! …Except you two, because you’re white.”

4. “You took an economics class in college, Jim? Holy crap! You have to tell me what the hell is happening!”

3. “No, that’s also a racial slur, Joe.”

2. “How dead from alcohol poisoning would you be if you tried to drink until Pelosi looked doable.”

And the number one thing overheard at the Beer Summit…


Posted by: jamie at August 5, 2009 04:32 PM

Thank You, I have been making this point in many places Birther Gate? Which Birther Gate, are the leftest referring to? :)

Posted by: Ree at August 5, 2009 06:17 PM

I am still laughing at Elise's "Obama is triplets" :p

That was inspired.

Posted by: Cassandra at August 5, 2009 10:38 PM

Nope. The roots are doing fine. We have harvested three pounds of squash so far. I am more worried about the cilantro and the lemon balm and basil. I need pesto.

For those of you who may not remember 'Absolutely Fabulous,' here is one of my favorite rants from the show.

Tax The Stupid People!

Posted by: Cricket at August 5, 2009 11:33 PM

Alice, you have a life. A garden is life. I ignore PDS simply because those who are still in a snit about the fact that she was so BLATANT in her wholesomeness, her total femininity scared them. She is more of what I think feminism ought to be; able to shoulder a burden with class and style. Her politics frightened them even more.

For once in my life, I see a Republican woman whose life I do not have exactly, but we have a LOT in common; five children, a mentally retarded child, and absolutes. I don't care what religion she is.

I did vote for Mitt Romney and wrote her in as the VEEP on my ballot. I did NOT vote for McCain/Palin, but voted for Romney/Palin.


Posted by: Cricket at August 5, 2009 11:38 PM

Thanks for clearing up the "who's Trig's mother" question. To think I've been lying awake at night worrying about that and the answer was right in front of me all the time.

I hadn't really followed the whole Griffin thing but reading the posts at McCain and Riehl is fascinating. It reminds me of one of those nature specials where you get to watch two sleek lionesses taking down a diseased warthog - and dragging the carcass back for the rest of us to enjoy.

Posted by: Elise at August 6, 2009 10:48 AM