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August 21, 2009


Too funny.

h/t, Nicki F.

Posted by Cassandra at August 21, 2009 01:26 PM

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I said something related to this to myself the other day. Now that things are changed, roles reversed, all that Nazi/government spying/fear mongering stuff still works.

Posted by: Mac at August 21, 2009 03:11 PM

from the ACLU no less...hehehehe

Posted by: yak at August 22, 2009 09:11 AM

That's the mythical ACLU--not the real ACLU.

The real ACLU--the one that's mucking up the courts these days supporting the rights of every gang banging wannabe Gitmo inmate, would be all for a national ID card. You gotta keep those conservative red neck types under very close watch!

Posted by: Mike Myers at August 22, 2009 11:29 AM

Good satire must reflect an underlying reality. This "underlying reality" is the proverbial 600 lb gorilla hiding under a paper towel.

Posted by: Mark at August 22, 2009 12:12 PM

The only thing I can think of that would have made the satire more on point would have been replacing the national ID with his social security number.

Posted by: Cassandra at August 22, 2009 01:47 PM

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