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September 01, 2009

Politicizing 3000 American Deaths

9/11: tragedy? Or a lobbying opportunity that's too good to waste?

As Obama is so fond of saying, "let me be clear." This rhetoric is on Barack Obama's Organizing for America website. Do I think he actually wrote the post? No. Of course not. But isn't, at some point, he accountable for what's on it? It's barackobama.com, for crying out loud. It's his perpetual campaign website: you can text "Hope" to get his updates; he's on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and YouTube, and...well, under the "Obama Everywhere" tab, you can link up ... everywhere, according to this site.

At some point don't you think he ought to quit campaigning and actually lead? Is he running for re-election already? Why does this website still exist?

It exists so his propagandists can post highly charged rhetoric as they did today and he can basically not be held accountable; it wasn't really on WhiteHouse.gov. Can we report Organizing for America to flag@whitehouse.gov? Fishy?

The bigger point, to me, is that the memory of 9/11 is being hijacked. That's an incredibly poor verb to use for this story, but it's the most accurate.

Oh well, like Mary Jo Kopechne, no doubt the victims of 9/11 and their families won't mind too much. Sometimes the end does justify the means.

Posted by Cassandra at September 1, 2009 10:32 PM

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A fundamental misunderstanding of the American people. At least, most of them.

Posted by: Donna B. at September 1, 2009 11:59 PM

I'm not sure there is much The Left could do that would surprise me anymore. Disgust me, yes. Surprise me, no, except that it might be something I'd never dreamed up.

I truly fear for the future of this country. I hope we can save it without things coming to blows...

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at September 2, 2009 12:06 AM

Q: Is nothing sacred?

A: To some, no...not at all.

Posted by: camojack at September 2, 2009 12:39 AM

I welcome the future. After all, I've already won the lottery by being born an American, and it didn't cost me a single cent. If tomorrow can top yesterday's good fortune, then I'm ready to kiss its sweet...um....promise.

Posted by: spd rdr at September 2, 2009 12:42 AM

Years ago in college, when I took a course on American History, there was this book of essays I had to read called,"Getting Right with Lincoln".

Basically, the whole deal, early on (after 1865), was for Republicans to use Lincoln and his 'martyrdom', as a political touchstone at election times. Getting right with Lincoln.

As the years went by, Lincoln became more ecumenical, as it were, and Democrats too wanted to 'get right with Lincoln' at election time. Although Lincoln's life was not a farce at all (although some aspects deeply bizarre), the political peanut rolling pretty much is.

Any singular event or life has the potential to be hijacked by some political shill for his own ends. It's populist politics, and it's been going on since the model came out.

Cass, whatever you do, don't ever take down the essay about Lydia Estelle Bravo. Ever. We have to remember what is was that happened that day. I have to remember what happened that day. It is not that the tragedy shapes my life, but for deeper reasons, I have to remember. She didn't just ride out one night in an Oldsmobile and end up drowned. A cabal of thugs and maniacs killed her, and 3,000 other people. Not as an act of war, but as an act of sheer homicidal rage.

We all have to remember. Nothing Obama or his politcal crones in the Media or elsewhere can change that.

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at September 2, 2009 12:47 AM

“All 50 States are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.”

The concept is right out of Saul Alinsky's playbook -- with purple prose borrowed from Lenin's...

Posted by: BillT at September 2, 2009 06:07 AM

Posted by: smitty at September 2, 2009 07:12 AM

I'll second what Miss LB said. And I will confess that I am a member of the VRWC who will not sit down nor shut up. Boo!

Regarding 911, I use the following outline* to time the ringing a large farm bell, mounted on a post, on my back deck, at the appointed times every 09/11. Being a bit gimped up, my options, like my mobility, are somewhat limited these days, but I do what I can to remind those who would rather forget.


0846 1246-Zulu
At the height of New York’s morning rush hour American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

0903 1303-Zulu
News cameras trained on the burning tower captured the horrifying view of another passenger jet, United Airlines Flight 175, crashing into the south tower of the Trade Center causing a devastating explosion. It had left Boston for Los Angeles carrying 65 passengers and crew. It became clear that the catastrophe was not an accident.

At the same time, FAA notified NORAD that United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles had also been hijacked.

0937 1337-Zulu
American Airlines Flight 77, carrying 64 people from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon in Washington. The nerve centre of the US military burst into flames and a section of the five-sided structure collapsed. F-16 fighters were still 100 miles away when the plane crashed. President Bush authorized fighters to shoot down any other aircraft that threatened targets in Washington.

0959 1359-Zulu
The south tower of the World Trade Center suddenly collapsed sending a massive pall of smoke across Manhattan. Many emergency workers and firefighters were crushed, as well all those who could not get out of the tower.

1003 1403-Zulu
United Airlines Flight 93 crashed 80 miles (128 km) south east of Pittsburgh. It had been bound for San Francisco from Newark, New Jersey.

1028 1428-Zulu
The north tower of the World Trade Center collapsed as well, adding to the devastation and loss of life. The southern part of Manhattan Island was covered in a thick layer of debris and dust

Or as is sometimes said down he'ah abouts, ferget, h3!! !

So does that qualify me to have my portrait hung in B.O.'s Post Office? The one that can't compete with private shipping but is used as justification for displacing private insurance with government controlled/monopolized insuranc... oh never mind.

Posted by: bthun at September 2, 2009 08:22 AM