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September 24, 2009

The Problem with Leaks...

...as I said the other day, is that leakers - by definition - aren't trustworthy. They have, after all, betrayed the conditions of their employment simply by leaking what they promised not to.

And yet we're supposed to trust anonymous tipsters whose motivation, by virtue of their refusal to talk on the record, we can't even begin to evaluate and who can't be held accountable? Isn't it funny how leakers were all the rage during the Bush years?

Now, of course, what was once a courageous and patriotic deed is now traitorous and despicable. Whatever.

As I pointed out yesterday, one has to wonder why the Left are so quick to believe someone whose motives they suspect?

Let's get one thing straight here: General McChrystal has said NOTHING about resigning. But based on nothing more than a leak, Democrats are piling on in their unseemly haste to assassinate the character of an Army General who has the thankless task of carrying out a strategy everyone knows he lacks the resources to implement.

It seems bizarre to me how many folks want it both ways on leaks. When the leak confirms their pre-existing bias or seems to bolster the narrative, they're all for it. When it undercuts their position, the leaker is a no good, dirty law breaking traitor.

Given the barrels of ink that were devoted to Thomas Ricks' supposed bombshell of a revelation that Anbar province was "irretrievably lost" (released while the Anbar Awakening was (in reality) already in motion) you'd think we all might display a bit more suspicion of anonymous leakers.

But it's all just too much fun. As I said the other day, I wouldn't have any problem with McChrystal resigning in protest if he is denied troops. Sometimes you have to take a stand if the battle is important enough. I have a lot more respect for someone who will speak up when his job is on the line than someone who waits until he's comfy and cozy in his Barcolounger to provide honest feedback to civilian leadership.

Posted by Cassandra at September 24, 2009 08:40 AM

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