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October 27, 2009

Web Site of the Day...

...for today is Patterico's Pontifications.

A few words here: as the LA Times can ruefully attest, no one wields a clue bat as deftly as Patterico and his co-bloggers. One of my biggest frustrations in doing this has been that, due to the intentionally low profile we keep here at VC, I can't command the kind of traffic sites like Blackfive and Mudville have earned so deservedly. And I don't have connections with the heavy hitters in the blogosphere - my own fault - so I can easily understand why it's hard to penetrate their Inboxes with my grovelling requests for help: they don't know me. These guys are mega busy and get piles of email. Having them take time out of their day to respond to a 3rd or 4th tier blogger who can't throw them much traffic attests to their being stand up guys with big hearts.

I've been an admirer of Patrick's work for years. His site was amazing when it was just him posting and has only gotten better due to his great taste in co-bloggers.

If it's not on your daily reading list, it should be. Welcome to the MARINE TEAM, Patterico-ites!

Posted by Cassandra at October 27, 2009 07:20 AM

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