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November 02, 2009

I Heart the Freeport Flag Ladies!!!!

Let's hear it for the all those great troop greeters in Maine!!!
I owe a special debt today to the Freeport Flag Ladies. They greeted my son's company as they were making their way to Afghanistan. It took me three runs through the over 10 pages of pictures but I was finally able to find a picture of him. It has made my whole day today. The Maine Troop Greeters have met 4360 flights and 924, 655 troops since they began operations in May of 2003.

Who are the Freeport Flag Ladies? From the website:

"As the Freeport Flag Ladies we make the long drive to Bangor to join the Maine Troop Greeters at Bangor International Airport and to Pease International in New Hampshire to meet the troop flights whenever possible. Depending upon weather and construction it takes between two and three hours each way. We have greeted thousands of soldiers from all over this great nation who were being deployed or returning home after long deployments.

Untold thousands of pictures have been taken of the soldiers and put on the web site for their families. We make a special effort to be there for as many of the outbound troops as possible since we have learned that these pictures are so treasured by their families. Each of the soldiers that we speak with and photograph is given a small gift and the address of the web site. Once back home many hours are spent on the computer downloading the pictures, cropping and sharpening them putting them into special folders and then into Freeway express and on the web. Additional hours are spent answering emails and emailing photographs to the soldiers and their families. When contacted by Family Readiness groups we put all the photos from a given flight onto a CD for them to make available to their members.Our hearts are always warmed by the many grateful letters we receive telling us that a photo is being used as a screen saver, copied to hang on a child's wall or added to a scrapbook."

To see the pictures I am referring to, go to the left toolbar. Under Meeting the Troops, pick Pease and then scroll down to the pictures from October 30, 2009.

God bless the steadfast hearts of the Maine Troop Greeters and thank you, Freeport Flag Ladies, from the bottom of mine.

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I'm so glad you got to see the pic of him and know that there are people appreciating him and looking out for him. There are people like that all across the country and around the world who are with your son in spirit and very grateful for his service.


Posted by: FbL at November 2, 2009 03:38 PM

neat story carrie. :)

Posted by: kate at November 2, 2009 04:42 PM

Nothing like a mother's love. Even if sometimes they wriggle a bit when you try and hug them :p

Posted by: Cassandra at November 2, 2009 04:58 PM

That is so awesome!

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at November 2, 2009 10:12 PM