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November 01, 2009

Marine Team News

The good news is, we're still holding onto the lead despite valiant efforts from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. I'm going to start tracking all four teams' progress daily:


The Valour IT Video Contest is going strong and the Marine team is dominating the entries. Here's the latest, from No Sheeples Here:

View all Marine team vids here:

No Sheeples (3)

Cao's Blog has photos of actual Valour IT recipients.

Daley Gator incorporates bagpipes! As a guid Scottish wench, the blog princess approves!

I advise you to take a hankie.

The Valour IT auction site is up. There are some great items up there and also on this page - do your Christmas shopping and help wounded vets at the same time!

Marine team items:

patrolbaseafghanistan.JPG3 signed Afghanistan war prints signed by USMC combat artist Michael D. Fay.

I've written before about the work of CWO2 Fay. You can see examples of his work at Fire and Ice. I just love his art - the sketches, watercolors, and bronze sculptures. I've been a huge fan of his for a long time.

thetwohands.jpg3 signed Iraq war prints signed by USMC Combat artist Michael D. Fay

GuardianAngelCombatPrint.jpg1 Marine portrait signed by USMC Combat artist Michael D. Fay

3 Marine prints from the Marine Corps combat art series

TragicMonumentCombatArtPrint.jpg Signed print by USMC artist Jack Dyer commemorating the attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

Marines_cross.jpgFinally, Miss Ladybug has some lovely cross stitched service emblems and she will personalize them for the winning bidder at no additional cost. What a great Christmas present to honor a family member who has served! You can see them here:

The winner of each of these five auctions can request customization with name and rank, as well as details such as years of service, unit or theater/operation where the service member served. Also, the winner will receive the special dual 3.5" x 5" opening 8" x 10" mat.

Keep checking the auction site - there will be more Marine team listings coming up!

Posted by Cassandra at November 1, 2009 10:26 AM

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