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November 10, 2009

Over the Top! USMC Birthday Blogburst

sgt_major_jiggs.jpgTwo days away from the end of the competition, and on the 234th Birthday of the Marine Corps, the Marine team stands about $2000 away from our goal. We've worked hard, but we're coming into the home stretch. I'd like to issue a challenge to all of you: let's see if we can push the Marine team over the top today. With your help, I know we can do this.

I can't think of any better way to honor the memories of the brave young men and women who have given their lives defending American ideals than to ensure that their fellow Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen are taken care of.

Let's do it, people!

Below the fold, I'll be posting a roundup of Marine team Birthday posts. Keep checking back - it will be updated throughout the day.

Mind Numbed Robot ponders the meaning of "Semper Fidelis":

"...the Marine Corps has never experienced a mutiny. Marines in England were revered for their loyalty to the crown, just as United States Marines are now revered for their downright fanatical dedication to each other, their service, and their country. Using Latin to characterize this quality represents its legitimization--its codification. Significantly, for Marines at least, it also provides a caste--a group that is separate and unique from any other--a group that has no desire to be like any other.

What is left unsaid in the motto is also notable. The phrase is "Always faithful." It isn't "Sometimes Faithful." Nor is it "Usually Faithful," but always. It is not negotiable. It is not relative, but absolute."

Jules takes a stroll through Hahvahd Yahd and finds a few surprises:

It’s always easy to poke fun at the World’s Greatest University across the Charles, all the more so in recent decades as, like much of academia, it sank in a wretched swamp of America-bashing leftism while continuing to survey the world down its superior nose.

Did you know that Harvard can now boast no fewer than 16 Medals of Honor among its alums? Thanks to the efforts of some veterans who have long treasured their university’s military traditions and dug into military records and Harvard archives, the university can claim the highest known number outside the service academies.

Courtesy of Dr. Melissa, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy.com gives a shout out to his fellow Marines.

No Sheeples has General Conway's Birthday message.

The Marines have given a lot for us. Ercille has thoughts on how you can pay it forward. Bonus points for the dynamite Arty photos!

Speaking of which, the C-Square has page after page of wonderful photos of Marines doing what Marines do best. "Just keep scrolling", as the saying goes.

Michelle Malkin rocks!!!

Mike the Marine's Birthday video from 2008.

StixBlog adds birthday salutations! And a cool graphic, too:


Hope Radio sends their greetings!

Blatherings Blog offers a Birthday Toast from former Commandant General Louis H. Wilson.

Right Pundits salutes our Marine of the Day, Corporal Jason Dunham:

You can see a photo of Jason below, and watch the moving video of President George W. Bush awarding the Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC, posthumously.

Ercille has more birthday thoughts - link- and history-rich!

Coalition of the Swilling weighs in on that long, unbroken line.

Jimmy sends his best. Back atcha, bro!

I am an unabashed admirer of the United States Marine Corps and those who have earned the privelege to call themselves Marines. One of my very good friends, about whom I’ve written before, is a Marine of the old-school vintage. I called him this morning, as I do every November 10th, to wish him a Happy Birthday and he answered his phone, as he does every November 10th, with “Semper Fi”. It’s not truly his natal day, but it is a birthday to him and I’m pleased to honor that, and his incredible service, with a phone call. It wasn’t a long call but I told him I missed not being able to spend as much time with him as I’d like and that I love he and his marvelous wife. When we hung up, I was smiling and I could hear the grin on his end, too. November 10 is always a good day for him.

Remembering Cpl. Jason Dunham: Blatherings Blog has a tribute to Jason Dunham and video, too!

Devil Dog Brew has a post up about breakfast with a hero.

Miss Ladybug has a moving post about Jason Dunham and a child.

Chrissy over at Theodore's World has a great post up about the history of the Marine Corps. A must read!

Ercille has a thoughtful post and a great list of links.
It's been our pleasure too, Ercille. The Marine team is made up of such amazing people. It's humbling.

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