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November 04, 2009

Another Benefit of Valour IT

I was reading the paper while eating lunch today and came across this article about the benefit of the Internet on seniors.
I realized as I read it that it could be yet another reason why Valour IT is such an important program.

It's already been noted that Valour IT gives servicemembers some independence. When you go from being a lean, mean, fighting machine to a patient in the hospital, that independence is such a godsend.

It's also been noted that Valour IT gives servicemembers some much needed peace of mind. Overwhelmingly, the guys just want to be back in the fight with their brothers and sisters in arms. The ability to communicate with them whether in theater or back stateside gives them the feeling of still being connected.

Study after study has proven that a positive mental outlook is key to the recovery process. If you replace "wounded/injured servicemember" for "senior" in this article, you can see the same case can ba made.

Independence. Peace of Mind. Positive Mental Outlook. What's not to like?

Three great reasons to support and/or donate to the Valour IT Marine team.

Why wait? Do it now!!

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