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March 12, 2010


Are these folks out of their minds?

The World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides hosted a no-adults-welcome panel at the United Nations this week where Planned Parenthood was allowed to distribute a brochure entitled "Healthy, Happy and Hot." The event was part of the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which concludes this week.

Happy, Healthy and Hot The brochure, aimed at young people living with HIV, contains explicit and graphic details on sex, as well as the promotion of casual sex in many forms. The brochure claims, "Many people think sex is just about vaginal or anal intercourse... But, there are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!" The brochure goes on to encourage young people to "Improve your sex life by getting to know your own body. Play with yourself! Masturbation is a great way to find out more about your body and what you find sexually stimulating. Mix things up by using different kinds of touch from very soft to hard. Talk about or act out your fantasies. Talk dirty to them."

My favorite part: page 8.

Some countries have laws that say people living with HIV must tell their sexual partner(s) about their status before having sex, even if they use condoms or only engage in sexual activity with a low risk of giving HIV to someone else. These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV by forcing them to disclose or face the possibility of criminal charges.

Call me old fashioned, but no one has a "right" to expose a partner to a potentially deadly disease without their knowledge or consent. But then I didn't think a patient's bill of rights included the right to demand sexual services from female health care providers either.

Silly me. No wonder I'm confused.

Posted by Cassandra at March 12, 2010 03:22 PM

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Posted by: keyboard jockey at March 12, 2010 04:19 PM

These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV by forcing them to disclose or face the possibility of criminal charges.

Sounds like someone is using his agenda to create his own "facts". The right of a society to establish laws protecting its citizens from contagious diseases is well established.

Posted by: BillT at March 12, 2010 04:23 PM

And implying that someone who's HIV-pos is "Healthy, Happy and Hot" is just plain deserving of a horsewhipping.

Posted by: BillT at March 12, 2010 04:28 PM

No wonder I'm confused.
There, there, youung lady. While is true that no one is surprised that you are confused, that doesn't address your acute case of cronic confusion. Fortunately, dr rdr is here to apply the soothing balm of reason that is his stock-in-trade. First, it is settled science that you are likely confused because you are a woman. This is a common genetic disorder in human beings, not a "lifestyle choice" as some would have you believe, and most assuredly not your fault. Indeed, your confused state is your father's fault, and you should blame him for it at every opportunity. Second, your steady state of feminine confusion can be amplified by certain word associations. For example: Most normal people associate the words "girl guides" and "girl scouts" with young girls in semi-facist attire peddling cookies door-to-door and being cute. In a mind as perpetually confused as yours, however, "Girl Scouts" evokes images of crowds of little demons in pig tails and horns evilly forcing box after box of Thin Mints, Do Si Dos, and Samoas down your throat while chanting "Hips! Hips! Hips! Hips!" For this, you only have your mother to blame. Call her up right now. Better yet, order twenty boxes of Tagalongs dropped shipped to her doorstep. You'll sleep better. I know, I'm a doctor.

I also know that having sex with your nurse is not covered by insurance, either medical or malpractice. At least not yet, anyway. But that's another topic, and you're confused enough already.

Posted by: dr spd rdr is in at March 12, 2010 04:35 PM

I know, I'm a doctor.

Ooooooh, no, you're not -- we can read your *writing*!

Posted by: BillT at March 12, 2010 04:56 PM

dear dr spd rdr:

R U *rly& a MAN???? i mean... Srysly????

SQUEaL!!!!!!!! O i just NEW u could help me! It is so confusing being a fully-equl yet oh so fragile woman. now that women have the right to get jiggy with folks we haven't even been formully intro-duced to yet, i never now whether i'm supposed to be uber independent and bloody minded or go all pouty and kittenish like those pix on that MySpace page my troop leader helped me create?


U now, when I joined the grrrrl scouts they told me I'd see the world and meet men in powder blue uniforms who would want to nibble my Chalet Cremes.

Like they say, "it's not just a job - it's an ADVENTURE". But no one said anything about having sex with nurses! i no that as a fully liberated womyn i should insist on my rights and all, but do i have to wear the knee sox?

Thank u for ur help.



Posted by: Sex Positive and Confuzed at March 12, 2010 05:01 PM

You are not out of your mind, but those who go along with this are!

Posted by: htom at March 12, 2010 05:35 PM


Wow! *The* SPandC?


Posted by: BillT at March 12, 2010 05:41 PM

Dear "SP&C"
Or should I say: Dear "Detective Williams?"
Oh yes, I know it's you, detective. You always mispell "formaly" (as in "formully" charged....NOT!)
You have got to stop following me around the internet harrassing me. You completely misunderstand that all I'm trying to do is to apply the soothing balm of reason that is my stock-in-trade. Like I tried to explain, that whole 'knee sox' thing was merely a baseball reference that I use occasionally to see if the soothing balm of reason is actually working, only in your case it wasn't.

Posted by: dr spd rdr,md-licious at March 12, 2010 05:41 PM

NPR is right behind the UN. There is a rise in herpes among African-American women, but the doctor denied that promiscuity had nothing to do with it, but rather the lack of 'safe sexual practices.' Even though she later admitted that the women, on average, had had 'more than one' partner. No, these women were not married.

So, if everybody practiced safe sex, then promiscuity isn't a problem, and neither are STDs.

Posted by: Cricket at March 12, 2010 07:06 PM

dr spd and dr bill are having waaaaaay too good a time.

Is anyone else as glad as I am that it's Friday?

Posted by: Cassandra at March 12, 2010 07:12 PM

I read that pamphlet, and my serious side kicked in. Then, as usual, my smart-ass side cropped up and I thought, "getting merit badges for some of that might be a little dicey."

These people are sinply deranged.

Posted by: Allen at March 12, 2010 07:43 PM

I was a Girl Scout. If I ever have a daughter, I will seriously consider finding some alternative to it, as I am disturbed by the direction that organization has taken...

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at March 12, 2010 09:53 PM

My daughter is not in Girl Scouts even though we are in Dixie. Our church has a program for their young ladies aged 12-17, and it is working just fine. The Baptists have Awana Girls, and I think the Catholic church has something for their young women as well. I just don't think it involves getting them hence to a nunnery. :). The local parish priest mentioned it at Christmas Eve Mass.

Posted by: Cricket at March 12, 2010 10:15 PM

Just out of curiosity -- since this was held under the aegis of the UN, we can surely assume that august body approved of the program after due diligence and review, n'est-ce pas?

So, we can look for a change in the World Health Organization's tactics in spreading "education and awareness" in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa -- where HIV is more common than the common cold -- from handing out condoms and screaming at witch doctors that you can't cure AIDS by raping a virgin to handing out "Don't Worry, Be Happy" pamphlets. That breeze you just felt was from Big Pharma's collective sigh of relief, since now the Left will cease to hammer them for having the unmitigated cruelty to charge *money* for drugs to combat AIDS, rather than passing them out *free*.

I mean, the Lefties couldn't *possibly* advocate spreading HIV while simultaneously screaming that we're not treating this epidemic seriously enough, right?

Buuuuuut, I could be wrong...

Posted by: BillT at March 13, 2010 05:27 AM

I love it when you harsh their mellow.

In about two hours, it will be time for one of the few NPR programs I listen to: "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." Well timed wit, and last week's show had me sitting in the driveway, listening until the very end. You can listen to their archived shows online at npr.org.

I also listen to the jazz and other music programs...but this one beats 'Prairie Home Companion'. They spare no one.

Posted by: Cricket at March 13, 2010 09:23 AM

This is obscene. This is the real obscenity -- killing--.

I am a patent attorney that has been involved in research for the treatment of AIDS since 1997. The notion that the UN would be involved in encouraging predatory sex by persons with HIV infection is outrageous and discouraging, but no surprise: the UN has been involved in every degenerate public policy since it formed.

WTF are the GIRL SCOUTS doing here?

Every individual involved in the production of that brochure should be fired from whatever public or "non-profit" position they hold, for demonstrated moral turpitude.

The ONLY WAY to deal with this epidemic right now is to PREVENT transmission. Places like Hungary have demonstrated how to do this: treat infections, and also require disclosure of the identity of sex partners. These policies cut the transmission rate to near-zero.

Those monsters from the UN and the Girl Scouts are trying to increase the number of HIV infections, and there is no way they are unaware of the consequences of their actions.

Posted by: Valerie at March 13, 2010 10:49 AM

I haven't bought GS cookies for the past five years. When my children wanted to buy some today, I said the store had the flavors I wanted.

I told my oldest son what the reason was, and the younger children were happy with the store brand.

You don't see the BSA doing this stuff, which leads me to believe there is still hope...

Posted by: Cricket at March 13, 2010 03:29 PM

I bought lots of girl scout cookies, and the moms were right there with the girls. I sorta doubt any of those women had any idea this stuff is going on.

Posted by: valerie at March 13, 2010 08:56 PM

I think Valerie has the way of it. When last I was a Girl Scout, I was a senior in high school. I have bought the cookies (still have 2 boxes stashed away), but I'll reconsider next year...

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at March 14, 2010 01:49 AM

"Healthy, Happy and Hot"?!

I vote for "None of the above". Sad, really...

Posted by: camojack at March 15, 2010 03:49 AM

If this is the direction Girls Scouts is heading, then the Organization is in serious trouble. In the BSA, it is strictly forbidden to have a no adult policy! Nothing can be done in secret, and for good reason.

Posted by: David M at March 15, 2010 11:35 AM

The BSA's national leadership has continued to resist being hijacked by the Left, which is the reason that organization is continually under assault.

The GSA isn't, because the national leadership was hijacked decades ago...

Posted by: BillT at March 15, 2010 01:19 PM

sent the article and the pdf to all parents I know. Asked them to share with the everyone they know.
How about this pearl from the brochure on why people do not disclose they have HIV:
"They may worry that people will find out something else they have kept secret, like they
are using injecting drugs, having
sex outside of a marriage or having
sex with people of the same gender.
People in long-term relationships
who find out they are living with HIV
sometimes fear that their partner
will react violently or end the

Posted by: olga at March 15, 2010 03:15 PM