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May 20, 2010

U.S. No Longer Judged "Most Likely to Succeed" in Global Economy?

According to this item, America has lost the leading edge on global competitiveness:

... Based on a detailed analysis of economic output, government and business efficiency, skills, and infrastructure, the researchers ranked 58 of the world's economies to determine which are best-placed to succeed in the 21st century economic race. For the first time in 17 years, the U.S. lost the top spot, falling behind Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively. Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia are additional Asia-Pacific countries that scored in the top 10.

The biggest loser in this year's rankings is Europe. Despite a combined gross domestic product of almost $15 trillion and a total population of nearly 500 million, only three Old World countries — Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway — broke into IMD's top 10 this year. Perennial stars Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands dropped out of the top 10, replaced by Taiwan and Malaysia (as well as by Norway, which is outside the EU and euro zone). The continent's largest economies, Germany (No. 16), United Kingdom (No. 22), and France (No. 24), remained well outside the top 10; France alone among the three gained ground, rising four rungs. IMD attributes the Old World's relatively poor showing to high levels of government debt, a weakening infrastructure, and continued inefficiencies in European labor markets.

Of course emerging economies are thriving - they're not weighed down with all the baggage supposedly "enlightened" nations place on employers who compete in a global marketplace.

Every time I hear progressives complain that America should be "more like Europe", I think to myself "If these folks want to be more like Europe, they should be clamoring for us to adopt more European corporate tax rates:

When compared to other OECD countries:

* 24 U.S. states have a combined corporate tax rate higher than top-ranked Japan.
* 32 states have a combined corporate tax rate higher than third-ranked Germany.
* 46 states have a combined corporate tax rate higher than fourth-ranked Canada.
* All 50 states have a combined corporate tax rate higher than fifth-ranked France.

....even corporations that operate in the three states that do not impose a major state-level corporate tax—Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming—still shoulder a higher corporate tax rate than fifth-ranked France and 24 other OECD countries because of the 35 percent federal corporate rate.

Funny how progressives are all about making America more like "the other industrialized nations"... except when such arguments actually undermine their "Capitalism is Evil" agenda.

Posted by Cassandra at May 20, 2010 08:44 AM

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Another good way in which the U.S. could be more like Europe is follow the French in their extensive use of nuclear power.

Posted by: david foster at May 20, 2010 09:30 AM

Again and again people get it wrong.

They and only they get to decide how much you become like Europe. It is only the Bourgeoisie that think they get to decide for themselves.

People continue to think this is about choice or free will. There will be no free will in the New World as it interferes with centralized authority. It doesn't matter whether the decision is nuclear power or coal power, higher corporate taxation or lower corporate taxation, only those at the top get to decide. Everybody at the bottom should just shut up and follow. That is the Natural Order of things.

For example, it is not unthinkable that France has a cozy setup in which corporations provide for the public good through, say, selling arms to allies of Democracy like Iraq or Iran. If the leaders are getting money from such companies, then it is their right, as rulers, to decide for the entirety of their nation how much these corporations should pay given their net social contribution. This isn't an issue that will be decided based upon cloning or copycat animal like instincts.

People are getting worse and worse at comprehending the English language these days given PubEd, I swear.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at May 20, 2010 10:39 AM

A righteous example would be Diane Feinstein. Now should he say that we should become more like Europe, should more closely follow the IC and international law, it doesn't make her a hypocrite if she funnels millions of dollars of defense contract to the company her husband works at.

She didn't mean that we should mirror Europe's defense setup. Becoming more like Europe is not about policies or politics. It is about a system. It is about setting up the pyramid of power where those at the top will always command the absolute obedience of those at the bottom.

A system where the elite commands and the uneducated, public educated serfs obey, is very European.

This is just more proof that only those educated correctly by enlightened Ivy League schools can comprehend the wonderful diversity of the world, including bastions of liberty and civilized standards like Europe.

Obama decides his two kids will go to private school. That's an enlightened choice, as is his right. He also decides for blacks and others that they should not be allowed to send their kids to private school, instead they should only be allowed public schools. That is also Obama's choice. There is no inconsistency or shame here. The rulers are there to rule and they didn't give you permission to make decisions for yourself.

It is only shameful when ignorant children endanger themselves and the wonderful social safety net by acting out. They first must receive permission and authority. They just can't choose for themselves what they will do.

One thing I don't like about the Republican party is how often they expound upon the benefits of their self-proclaimed pro-life status. The Democrats are pro life too. The Democrat believe in both choices and life. For example, Obama believes that he is a wise black that knows when babies alive after an abortion should be put to death. That's a choice. It's a justified one too as it gives life to others that wouldn't have had it if parasites took up their resources. He's a ruler. Rulers get to make these choices because they have what it takes and everybody else doesn't.

Yet the Republican party keeps claiming that people don't have a choice. That they should obey some kind of social coda rather than their best interests. It is rather archaic, horrible, and medieval in all respects.

It is much better, much better, to forge a New World under Democrats. All you have to do is to trust... *glitch* obey the DemoncRats.

Posted by: Ymarsakar at May 20, 2010 10:59 AM

Funny how progressives are all about making America more like "the other industrialized nations"... except when such arguments actually undermine their "Capitalism is Evil" agenda.

They think that most people aren't paying attention.

Unfortunately, they may be correct in that assessment... :-(

Posted by: camojack at May 21, 2010 01:29 AM