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November 09, 2010

Marine Team Roundup for Nov. 9th

Good afternoon all!!
It is another GLORIOUS day in the Corps. The Marine team is sitting pretty like a Marine in dress blues today. Thanks to everybody's support, we've raised more than twice what Soldiers' Angels asked us to on behalf of injured servicemembers.
Simply put, that is outstanding!!!
We’re in the home stretch and tomorrow is the Marine Corps birthday as well as being CPL. Jason Dunham’s birthday.
Speaking of MOH winners, it was announced yesterday that Gen. Amos has nominated a Marine for the MOH.

Here's a look around the Marine team today:
Miss Ladybug reminds that it’s not over until the 11th.

Ercille, as always, inspiring.

MaryAnn has a great post remembering 1st Platoon, Chosen Company, 2/503, 173rd ABCT. Interservice rivalry is fun but in the end, we’re all in it together.

GatorDoug….it’s just funny.

No Sheeples. Class.

Oh Hell has team totals and final push!!

Retriever: suffering and indifference

Coalition of the Swilling: esprit de corps and uncommon valor

Wolf at Howling at the Moon. That is just awesome!!

Blatherings Blog has fun Marine facts and a nice roundup.

The Weekly Standard blog throws in with the Marine Team.
Welcome and thank you so much for supporting Valour IT AND the Marine team!!

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