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February 02, 2012

A Mother's Arms

For those of you who haven't seen this yet:

h/t: my Dad

Posted by Cassandra at February 2, 2012 07:07 AM

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Quite a story!

My late uncle, I believe, served on the Astoria for a short time early in the war as a Marine.

He had a self-deprecating sense of humor - referring to himself as a "sea going bell hop".

He served as an adjutant to the captain on the bridge, getting him anything he asked for.

So I guess he was a sea going bell hop!

Later on in the war in Okinawa during the battle, he was on the bridge with the captain and asked to get something - he left the bridge and not 2 minutes later a kamikaze slammed into it.

Makes you wonder about fate. (as the point of Gary's story!)

When he was getting discharged in San Diego, he was standing in line getting his Pacific battle ribbon.

He saw these tired grizzled veterans of Guadalcanal getting their ribbons and he was too ashamed to take his.

Posted by: Bill Brandt at February 2, 2012 08:39 AM