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July 26, 2012


Discuss amongst your ownselves.

Posted by Cassandra at July 26, 2012 12:24 PM

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Well ... in defense of Tenacious D - that's Comedy Rock ... all the other 'artists' after '94 are openly lewd. This isn't to say some acts before '94 weren't lewd (ex: Giving the Dog a Bone by AC/DC) but it seems more prevalent.

Might just be me though .. I'm old.

Posted by: Dan Irving at July 26, 2012 01:33 PM

And you thought romance was on the decline.... *snort*

Posted by: Pogue at July 26, 2012 01:39 PM

You never close your eyes anymore
when I kiss your lips
And there's no tenderness like before
in your fingertips
You're trying hard not to show it
But baby, baby I know it!
You've lost that lovin' feelin'
Whoa that lovin' feelin'
You've lost that lovin' feeling
Now it's gone
(whoa woe-o)


Posted by: spd rdr at July 26, 2012 01:52 PM

I've read more than once that one of the characteristics of happy marriages is that the parties still have an idealized or rose-colored view of each other (at least to some degree).

Of course on a practical level, that ideal gets eroded somewhat by the stresses and strains of every day life.... like PMS :p What survives (if we're lucky) is a rose colored view of the other person's character or motivations.

That's so important because inevitably one person will do something the other people finds hurtful. Words and actions get misunderstood, or maybe someone just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and does something confusing/irritating/infuriating.

If you can tell yourself, "OK, he just bit my head off for no apparent reason but I know he loves me and he would not hurt me on purpose so something else must be going on here..maybe he's stressed out about work", things like that are interpreted as exceptions to the general rule. That trust is vitally important b/c it's the people we care most about who have the power to hurt us the most (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

"That Loving Feeling" conveys how heartbreaking it is when the one you love no longer sees you as someone special. That feeling is a powerful incentive to treat the one you love better than everyone else in your life. If it's too badly damaged, there isn't much reason to make the extra effort and things tend to go into a downward spiral.

/end dimestore psychoanalysis, with the emphasis on "psycho" :p

Posted by: Cassandra at July 26, 2012 02:55 PM

The guy's musical selections are crap. What? No Journey? Pathetic.

P.S. No love for Richard Marx either, I see. :-)

Posted by: Yu-Ain Gonnano at July 26, 2012 03:06 PM

On a serious note, while it is unquestioningly true that the songs the guy picks out for the late 90s forward would never have been made in the 60s, we'll see how many of them are still remembered in 50 years.

Posted by: Yu-Ain Gonnano at July 26, 2012 03:10 PM

Aint there one damn song that can make me
Break down and cry?

Posted by: spd rdr, the young american at July 26, 2012 03:38 PM

//Hangs pointed head, rises from folding chair and says//

I'm bthun and I'm a wooing wreck and a knuckle-dragger to boot.

//A few grunts are returned and one or two respond with Hi bthun.//

My wretched wooing warbling has always fluctuated somewhere between this and that.

//more grunting, moans and one fellow sniffs back a tear, or maybe a gnat flew up his... never mind.//

Yeah, Neanderthals can be pretty conflicted that way. Luckily I have Walkin' Boss who understands and helps me choose which music CD's to pack and play on trips in the truck. None of which sound like anything in the video after the early 1970's.

//the hun sits down and the circle on Neanderthals grunt and stomp their feet on the floor.//

Posted by: bthun at July 26, 2012 03:59 PM

Ain't equality grand? Now you get to roll around in the muck under the pedestal with us, instead of being up on it....

On the other hand,

Oh, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time

And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?

I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me!

To, umm, "paraphrase" Patton, Get back up there, Love. You're the only ... knows what she's doing here.

Eric Hines

Posted by: E Hines at July 26, 2012 05:01 PM

Pretty disillusioned on the other side, too:

If that's your boyfriend
If that's your boyfriend
If that's your boyfriend
He wasn't last night

Posted by: Texan99 at July 27, 2012 09:34 AM

Now that I've actually gotten to see the video, the comments make sense. I'm a sucker for love songs. I'm kinda a hopeless romantic like that. But I will need to disagree. There were actual romantic songs in the 90's. Not as excellent as the ones in the 70's and 80's (nor as many) of course, but some good ones nonetheless:
1995 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXWD1HjWI8M
1996 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKnz3kAwRu8 (this one was a favorite of the Lovely Bride)
1997 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US-ZgUr3xQY&feature=related

But I'm a fan of the 80's mostly. Cutting Crew, Survivor, Journey... but there's one standout that I've ALWAYS been a sucker for that I wanted to share:


Posted by: MikeD at July 27, 2012 08:26 PM

There's also this from the early '80s.

But they're still much scarcer than in the '50s.

Eric Hines

Posted by: E Hines at July 28, 2012 03:43 PM

1994 is where it started for sure with out a doubt. During the clitton terriorst acttack up on the American people from the oral office in dc.
Mr. Irving is totally correct in his facts. The standards were diliberty distroyed by clitton and all his butt fucking buddies.
No doubt about it.

Posted by: Heltau at July 28, 2012 11:20 PM

Clean-Up! Aisle 2!

Posted by: Yu-Ain Gonnano at July 30, 2012 09:11 AM

"Clean-Up! Aisle 2!"

//lowers mug of ale, drags sack-cloth sleeve across pudgy, flushed face, belches, and says//

Call ServPro! Like it never happened...

Don't ask me how I know...

Posted by: Tuck, Friar Tuck at July 30, 2012 09:02 PM