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July 19, 2012

Men of VC...

...take notice:

It was revealed today that Channing Tatum has the bottom that most men desire.

So for all the men lacking in the bottom department wanting to add a little something extra to their behind, there is finally a solution.

And it comes in the form of the first ever derrière enhancing pants.

We have often wondered to ourselves (mostly because wondering to other people is difficult) who had the bottom that most men desire? We are surprised - we would have thought it was Kim Kardashian's.

Just remember: you heard it here first.

Posted by Cassandra at July 19, 2012 07:40 AM

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My bottom is doing me yeoman's service--currently, it's protecting me from my attack couch, as I sit on that couch, with my laptop in position.

...we would have thought it was Kim Kardashian's.

Plainly, you have no taste. Halle Berry.

Eric Hines

Posted by: E Hines at July 19, 2012 09:51 AM

Watch yourself, brother can't be denyin'!

Posted by: Sir Mix Alot at July 19, 2012 10:23 AM

Or, I dunno, do some fracking squats! :p

As for Kim ... nah. I like Jessica Ennis but I'm an abs man not a butt man.

Posted by: Dan Irving at July 19, 2012 10:32 AM

Way back yonder, in my youth, the only concern relative to male bottoms was whether or not it had a hair on it as in, ifn yain't goinna jump off that cliff onta the back of that bull, yain't got a har on yor arse, boy!

These days there's dudes gettin' facials

Manicured, waxed and botoxed

With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands

You can't grip a tacklebox

Posted by: Alstair Cooke's cousin Cletus at July 19, 2012 01:22 PM

We are surprised - we would have thought it was Kim Kardashian's.

Well, these are upper-class Englishmen you're citing. They can be a little weird about these things.

Posted by: Grim at July 19, 2012 02:02 PM

Hey, I'm not gay. Just British.

Posted by: David Bekham at July 19, 2012 03:19 PM

I have never gazed upon another man's backside with envy (or any other of the deadly sins). Though I will admit some ladies backsides have spawned some thoughts I'm not proud of. And I'm not even a "butt man".

All that said, Miss Kardashian is not a favorite.

Posted by: MikeD at July 19, 2012 03:47 PM

I'm certain that's the first article I ever read that combined the ideas of male butts and pertness. There will be wars and rumors of wars.

Posted by: Texan99 at July 19, 2012 03:54 PM

I have been known to contemplate the splendors of a finely curved male tuckus or two in my time. Those little green USMC issue running shorts are proof that God loves Marine wives and wants us to be happy.

Posted by: I Cannot Lie.... at July 19, 2012 04:33 PM

Oh, I am SO in favor of male butts, and this Channing fellow seems to possess a prime example. But pert? Really? Shirley Temple is pert. A heterosexual man is not pert.

Posted by: Texan99 at July 19, 2012 05:10 PM

For the first time I can now ask my wife...

"Honey does this underwear make my butt look pert?

For some reason I think that might cause an odd reaction. Just a hunch.

Posted by: Allen at July 19, 2012 08:11 PM

Those little green USMC issue running shorts are proof that God loves Marine wives and wants us to be happy.

In my youth, when I was fit and fine, I had a female SGT relate the story of how she was running PT with another female NCO who was huffing and puffing and saying how she "wasn't going to make it", so she point me out running ahead of them and said "Look at [MikeD]'s butt, you'll make it."

Technically, I suppose that could be construed as sexual harassment, but I just thought it was funny as helk. Sadly, these days, the butt is not as it once was, and I now suffer from that dread disease. NAA. No Arse Atall.

Posted by: MikeD at July 20, 2012 11:01 AM

When the Unit was just a newly lobotomized Major, my little gaggle of friends dubbed him "Gregory Peck", having driven by one day as he was running without a shirt on and having (apparently) greatly enjoyed the sight of his heaving pecs.

So I can testify that we womynfolk do indeed ogle you members of the Oink Cadre with the greatest respect, admiration, love, and hopefully, discretion.

He will never live that one down :p

Posted by: Cass at July 20, 2012 01:39 PM