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July 11, 2013

Coffee Snorters: "Is Your Cat on Facebook?" Edition

New smartphone app allows cats to take selfies (sadly, our pop culture street cred is so pathetic that we had to look that one up). But can it post them to Facebook?

First there were animals photobombing pictures - now a new range of smartphone apps lets cats take their own photos, also known as selfies. When the phone is placed on the ground, the screen shows virtual bouncing lasers or moving dots designed so that the cat will chase them. When the cat paws at the screen trying to catch the dot, the hit acts as a shutter press and the phone takes the cat's photo.

Please tell us that these cats are not using people's cell phones to sext other cats. Because that would just be wrong.

Also, dogs opening their mail. And dogs riding the subway and other delights.

Posted by Cassandra at July 11, 2013 08:15 AM

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I take no small comfort in knowing that the NSA is undoubtedly collecting these feline photos as part of its ceaseless vigil against the enemies of freedom and dog-loving Americans.

Posted by: spd rdr hates cats at July 11, 2013 09:42 AM

I'll bet all the rdr cats have their own Facebook pages :p

Posted by: Cass at July 11, 2013 11:15 AM

Just as a forewarning, I'm blaming you when I start getting Ooh Kitty pictures from the VES' Kindle. She saw this and of course just *has* to have that app!!!1!
You really don't like me very much, do you?

Posted by: DL Sly at July 11, 2013 04:55 PM

You really don't like me very much, do you?

Au contraire! I just have great faith in your ability to endure cat pictures with fortitude and equipoise... :p

I can't believe I worked that last one in.

Posted by: Cass at July 11, 2013 05:22 PM

Speaking of pictures, you have some in your inbox....
Equipoise, notwithstanding.

Posted by: DL Sly at July 11, 2013 05:36 PM