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December 20, 2013

Let the Judgement Begin - Christmas Edition

So, only five more days until Christmas. Even though the VES has reached teenagehood, we can still manage to create enough suspense under the tree to have her picking up presents and shaking them in utter frustration.
Now, though, to old business:

In first place, right outta the box, is Don Brouhaha with, "The 9th Circuit Court decides another case."

Second place goes to CAPT Mike for the best of his "ballot stuffing" entries, "Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton & Obama describing the Benghazi debacle."

And last, but certainly not least, coming in third is spd for "The smartest guys in the room."

Special note is made of CAPT Mike's virtuoso impersonation of an Ohio Democrat voter. (I was going to say New Jersey but then I realized they're usually dead.)

And now, to new business!

Christmas is comin'....
Prayin' Pals.png
Have at it, peoples.
May the Farce be with you.

Posted by DL Sly at December 20, 2013 06:14 PM

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"...and thanks for not leting his mom findout what happened to the roast beef last Sunday."

Posted by: spd rdr at December 20, 2013 07:15 PM

I'm not even going to try to compete with that one. Good job, spd.

Posted by: Grim at December 20, 2013 07:54 PM

I'm not worthy.

Posted by: CAPT Mike at December 21, 2013 12:04 AM

Tennis ball. Tennis ball. Tennis ball......

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at December 21, 2013 12:44 AM

All I can think of are riffs on spd's. Well played.

Posted by: htom at December 21, 2013 02:05 AM

Timmy: "PLEASE make Congress do something about the deficit--by the time I'm out of college in 20 years, my share of the national debt will be over a million dollars!"

Bowser: "I'm glad I'm a dog!"

Posted by: frequent flyer at December 21, 2013 12:52 PM

"Could you please tell him that my name is not Timmy, and we have running water not a well."

Posted by: The Wyzzerd of Izz at December 21, 2013 07:58 PM