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March 07, 2014

In Defense of Truthiness

We never thought we'd use the words "epic" and "amicus brief" in the same sentence:

In modern times, “truthiness”—a “truth” asserted “from the gut” or because it “feels right,” without regard to evidence or logic5—is also a key part of political discourse. It is difficult to imagine life without it, and our political discourse is weakened by Orwellian laws that try to prohibit it.

After all, where would we be without the knowledge that Democrats are pinko-communist flag-burners who want to tax churches and use the money to fund abortions so they can use the fetal stem cells to create pot-smoking lesbian ATF agents who will steal all the guns and invite the UN to take over America? Voters have to decide whether we’d be better off electing Republicans, those hateful, assault-weapon-wielding maniacs who believe that George Washington and Jesus Christ incorporated the nation after a Gettysburg reenactment and that the only thing wrong with the death penalty is that it isn’t administered quickly enough to secular- humanist professors of Chicano studies.

Imagine a life without hyperbole.


Posted by Cassandra at March 7, 2014 09:09 AM

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So far (I'm still reading) this is my favorite break out:
"Dreihaus voted for Obamacare, which the Susan B. Anthony List said was the equivalent of voting for tax-payer funded abortion. Ameci are unsure how true the allegation is given that the healthcare law seems to change daily, but it certainly isn't as truthy as calling a mandate a tax."


Posted by: MikeD at March 7, 2014 11:48 AM

I believe that the correct legal term is "epicus brief."

Posted by: spd rdr at March 7, 2014 11:50 AM

Who raised O’Rourke from the dead?

Posted by: George Pal at March 7, 2014 12:40 PM

I think he may have a new book out, George. I heard him on NPR a few weeks ago when I was driving to work.

I haven't read the whole thing yet (no time today - I had to bail partway into it) but I loved the intro. And this footnote, especially:

14 While President Obama isn’t from Kenya, he is a Keynesian—so you can see where the confusion arises..

Posted by: Cassandra at March 7, 2014 01:03 PM

I recall there was a big "march on washington" by the Colbert and Stewart, and someone pranked the marchers by holding up a sign saying "Obama = Keynesian" and their reactions were priceless!


Posted by: MikeD at March 7, 2014 01:25 PM

That's hysterical, Mike :)

I think I remember seeing something about that a long time ago but I never watched the video.

Posted by: Cassandra at March 7, 2014 03:01 PM

That was hyperbole? I thought they pretty much nailed me in the second paragraph you quoted.

Posted by: Texan99 at March 7, 2014 04:13 PM

They forgot "facist, Chinese toy-loving capitalist snake handling Jeebus freak", though :p


Posted by: Cassandra at March 7, 2014 04:40 PM

Not only was that a most thoroughly enjoyable legal brief to read, it was also damned good legal argument. Bravo, Mr. O'Rourke. Bravo!

Posted by: spd rdr at March 7, 2014 05:46 PM

Well, there wasn't enough cow bell for my taste.

Needs more cowbell.

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at March 7, 2014 09:14 PM

So Don's an Aggie?

Posted by: CAPT Mike at March 7, 2014 10:05 PM

Never touch the stuff myself.

Posted by: Don Brouhaha at March 7, 2014 11:49 PM

Hillary's achievements... CLICK

Posted by: Joatmoaf at March 8, 2014 08:31 AM

OK, so you all knew I was a nerd anyway:

Ohio’s ban of lies and damn lies(9)
is inconsistent with the First Amendment.

9 Amici are unsure how much torture statistics can withstand before they too run afoul of the law.

Posted by: Yu-Ain Gonnano at March 10, 2014 11:24 AM