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March 28, 2014

Let The Judgement Begin - March Madness Edition

Wow, throw any picture at you and you guys have a ball with it. I gotta tell ya, though, I'm lovin' it. Because, this week, I wasn't quite sure whether or not this one would be a stud or a dud....so to speak. Not that the pic was all that bad...


So, on to the judgement and old business.

At number 10 is htom with this public statement: Officials from the Movember campaign insist that neither they nor the Movember campaign have anything to do with this.

afe gives us an idea of what was in his eight-track player in high school with - Giving up their dreams of musical gold to pursue Olympic gold, the band Foghat pose here in their 1976 Olympic uniforms, and demonstrate the perfect baton-passing technique which won them the relay medal, and our hearts.

While from the duelling stereo across the quad comes frequent flyer's woofer blasting his eight hole reply "Frank Zappa had 5 brothers--but eventually made it big as a solo act."

spd rolls a lucky numba seven with - After several early attempts ended in failure, the Albert Einstien cloning project was shelved.

And rounding out the first half is YAG for - In a shocking move, the Obama administration leaked a picture of the undercover FBI agents involved in the arrest of Charlotte Mayor Patick Cannon (D) in an attempt to damage their credibility.

Kicking off the top five is CAPT Mongo making his first port call in the judgement in typical squid style - The Air Farce mustache contest gets out of hand.

OBloodyHell is jammin' in his "luv muhcheen" at number four with - The very short-lived official Cheech Marin track and field team, in one or their rare photos taken together.
The group was swiftly disbanded when, during their first meet, they ran the wrong way, shot the put into the crowd, tossed the hammer at the judges, and generally acquitted themselves amazingly poorly.
In a post-meet interview, one of them admitted that, not only were they all stoned out of their minds, they also found that not a one of them could manage to run fifty paces without wheezing. He also claimed that every one of them suffered from a Basketball Jones that just would not quit...

While Grim is left wondering what, where in third place - Mr. Kotter later left secondary education for the academy, where he did breakthrough work in steroids and cloning.

Bringing us to second place where Don Brouhaha sings a lament to spd's earlier failed experiments - "Send in the clones, there have to be clones....Don't bother they're HERE!"

And finally, catching a tail wind in time to land in first place is frequent flyer with The Mexican Run, Jump, and Swim Triathalon poses for a team photo.

YAG garners best "Sticking with the Theme" props for his reference to this year's March Madness Cinderella team for - The members of the last Mercer Bears basketball team to make the NCAA tournament would like to apologize. They would like blame it on the 70's but can't as it was 1985.

While CAPT Mike fills us in on more of the past experiences that shaped his,...um....sense of....humor, yeah, that's it, huuumohhrrr - Hell, that was gym class at my Seattle High School in '76!

And finally, in what is becoming a common theme, major nostalgia props to frequent flyer for this enjoyable walk down memory lane - For those of us of a certain age.....
At first, I thought the group had their hands up to their ears--reminiscent of Red Buttons song and comedy routine
Thirty years later, his song "Ho-Ho--He-He--strange things are happening" (linked above)took on an entirely different meaning.

Well, that's it for this week. A new picture is forthcoming.

Posted by DL Sly at March 28, 2014 05:32 PM

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