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March 22, 2014

Let The Judgement Begin - St. Patty's Edition

Yanno, I was wondering whether or not this week's picture would prove difficult. I know, what was I thinking? This is the Assembled Villainry. Of course y'all'll handle it, and handle it you did.
So, without further ado, on to the judgement and old business.

As per usual, a small reminder of last week's picture:

Many times here at VC, individual comments within a post will create their own sub-context conversation that inevitably leads to a snarky end. It's one of the many unique aspects of her site that kept bringing me back when I first stumbled upon the Blog Princess' corner of the innertubes some 10 years ago. So, this week, I found it extremely cool, as I proceeded through the judgement, to see a familiar pattern develop.
And with that in mind, we're off like a herd of turtles.

At number ten is Proof with - The new poster girl for Mad Cow Disease was easily amused.

To which one of our ever-lovin' seaman, CAPT Mike, exclaims - I've seen that girl before!

While spd has the typical retort in the eight hole - "You just stay away from my Edgar, hussy!"

Then frequent flyer drops in from the clouds in time to land at seven and deliver the ensuing confirmation, commiseration conversation (heh, say that three times...oh crap, as many times as I just backspaced, just try typing it once real fast.) -
"Then he left you, and later, you saw him in a DAIRY BAR with another girl?"
"Men--they're all the same--one magic night in the cowshed--then you see them on the other side of the pasture with another cow--leading her on with promises of deep clover and a happy home life with lots of calves...........YOU'VE fallen for that line, too?"
"I'm so glad we've had this girl-talk..."

Finally, the camera pulls back and we find OBH, the bystander, rounding out the first half of the top ten in the number six slot with this observation - And at that very moment, the casting director for the reboot of "The New Dukes of Hazzard" realized what a horrible mistake he'd made regarding the girl he'd selected as the new Daisy Duke.

Kicking off the top half at number five is Grim's country girl, slumber-party game suggestion - The girl from New York City thought this was an awesome game, until she tried it on the bull.

Number four finds our own Bossy the Cow (aka the Blog Princess - hey, you chose the screenname, not me!) with an observation for the vernal equinox - Me so horny.

While Don Brouhaha has obviously gotten an early start on the commercial overload that is March Madness - "I don't know who you think you are, but you should eat more chicken!"

Claiming not only second place, but also Walk Down Memory Lane nostlagia props, is htom for - Dr. Dolittle's new intern demonstrates her fluency in Holstein Friesian.

Bringin me to the top slut...um, slot for the this week.
Giving a hint at perhaps an early tv favorite, is afe with - Desperate to finds herself a feller to take her down to the see-ment pond, Lurlene finally asks Bossy fer dating advice.

Congrats, afe on making it to the top, as well as to the rest of the top 10. Outstanding job on a fairly difficult picture.
A new picture is forthcoming.

Posted by DL Sly at March 22, 2014 02:20 AM

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Woohoo! Although I must give credit to The Beverly Hillbillies for my inspiration. Now that I think about it, the 60s were a good decade for TV comedy.

Posted by: a former european at March 22, 2014 06:25 PM

I'll admit to having several tv show fav's from the '60's and 70's that, IM(NS)HO still play better today than many of today's new shows. I've even managed to get the VES hooked on a couple with MASH being her favorite. although, there's something about the Rifleman that really gets her attention, too.
Congrats, afe.

Posted by: DL Sly at March 23, 2014 01:02 PM