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April 04, 2014

Friday Odds And Ends

Starting the fourth month of 2014. Wow, time flies when you're having rum. Of course, up here the election season is in full swing (hence the need for rum) due to the fact that Montana is one of the battleground states for the Senate. I, however, have managed to miss the majority of the commercials, so far.
This is a good thing.
I know it won't last, though, as I'll be watching more tv now that baseball season has started. But! and this is a big but (no, not that big butt), I'll be watching Georgia ads instead of the locals, because I watch the Braves on their channels.
Still, you can't avoid it all all the time, because there are those in this country for whom the desire to control the narrative has become an all-consuming obsession to control every aspect of not just their lives, but every other citizen as well. And when many such people can be found in prominence on, and/or in control of, many of the major media sources within the country, not only can you not avoid them for long, but they've also become a potential, and considerable, threat to anyone that dares think otherwise.
Especially if you're a Republican Senator from Texas.

"Othering is a way of defining and securing one’s own positive identity through the stigmatization of an “other.” Whatever the markers of social differentiation that shape the meaning of “us” and “them,” whether they are racial, geographic, ethnic, economic or ideological, there is always the danger that they will become the basis for a self-affirmation that depends upon the denigration of the other group."

What follows is a small, yet disgusting sample of what one person - yes, a politician, yes, a Rethuglican, yes, even a Texan, but still an American citizen - endures simply for having the *audacity* to disagree with the Kollektive.
Ace put summed it up nicely.
"But Progressives have decided, collectively, to just treat their fellow Americans as the dehumanized Other 24/7. Not just before an election, mind you, but every single day of every single year.

And they do so while chanting "No H8," their limited intellects, conditioned by those who manipulate them into hatred, not capable of seeing the irony."

It's enough to make me drink...


Amongst the many feeds and bookmarks the Dark Lord has on her computer are several written by people who not hold conservative values, but also have black skin...well, there are a couple who are more brown than black, but I digress...
While they are all fine writers, I also appreciate the articles they find by other people with black skin. It's a reassurance to know that there are many such people in this country who value hard work; duty to God, family and country before themselves; and many other conservative/responsible values that I share. For the longest time after the selection of Xerxes I worried about the tribalism he would try to bring about, and I'm sad to say my hunch was spot on. However, slowly, quietly, some people with black skin began to speak out against what they see as the wrong direction not only for their country, but also for others with black skin.
This young woman, for instance, has written a post/article/editorial that I would never have found were it not for my feed from Kevin Jackson's The Black Sphere.

"Recently, many black people have questioned my blackness. Apparently, for some, I’m not black enough.

But, what makes the claim so bogus to me is that our bi-racial president has been accepted as black by the black masses, even though his mother is white and he was raised by his white grandparents.

Some people have said what makes a person black is “the struggle.” What struggle, I ask? What more does Obama know about struggle than me? For a very brief time he lived in Indonesia, but, even in Indonesia, he lived a fairly comfortable life.

Here, in America, he has lived a privileged life, gone to top notch schools and colleges—and he hasn’t even spent enough time around black people to pick up, as one Democratic politician put it, a so-called “negro dialect.”

I, on the other hand, know a little bit about struggle. My family was poor by America’s standards, as were many other black, white, Hispanic, and “other” families that I know. We didn’t have many luxuries. We just had the basics. My family had been on food stamps before there was such thing as an EBT card. For years, we received our monthly allotment of government cheese, rice, boxed potato flakes, powdered milk, and dry cereal from our government taskmasters, in exchange for a small slice of our privacy and a big chunk of our dignity.

I know a little bit about struggle. I’ve lived in crime-ridden and poor Rochester, N.Y. neighborhoods. For those who are familiar with the area, I have lived on both the east side and the west side.

What does Obama know about the likes of Treyer St., Fourth St., Hoeltzer St., Clifford Ave., Flint St., Bronson Ave., Jefferson Ave., St. Simons Terrace, Fight Square, Fight Village, and Orleans St.? Those were my hoods.

I know a little about struggle. I’ve endured both racial and gender-based discrimination.

I’ve been sexually harassed, disrespected, spit upon, and called names.

I know something about struggle.

So, if I have the same sufferings and struggles of other blacks in America, why is my blackness in question?"

Please go read the rest for she asks a very important question for today's *conversation about skin color* - yes, I refuse to say "race" because the person with black skin, brown skin, slanted eyes, curly hair or predominate nose is part of the same Human race as the Dark Lord.
However, there is another question standing over in the corner of this conversation that nobody is willing to ask: Why is it that only people with black skin can talk about what's gone wrong within their community? No one seems to have a problem telling any of the sub-section of white communities what color to crap and how high to jump at the latest perceived *dog whistle*. This country belongs to every American, and having a statistically small community so predominately represented in crime, poverty, unemployment and drug statistics should be of concern to everyone in the country - not a skeleton in the closet that only those with black skin, the self-annointed, self-righteous or the previously mentioned enemediantic sycophants are allowed to pull out and dust off when it suits their agenda du jour.

Posted by DL Sly at April 4, 2014 06:35 PM

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Hi Sly,
I'll respectfully disagree; I've found, at great length and detail, that rum slows time and beeer speeds time. This is especially true of the rum is properly sipped, and the beer properly guzzled.

and don't worry too much about the 'othering' crowd; they are busy mocking themselves. GOP should be paying for ads that merely show those guys speaking their own words.

BTW, a few of the less desirable individuals I've met over time has assured me that the Zombies will definitely avoid Las Vegas; they fear acquiring an even worse condition from the local pros.

you and MLK are quite correct; superficial physical differences like skin pigment do not define people. we are defined by our own chosen thoughts and actions; character in his words.

Very Best Regards,

and hope and kindness for the Princess.

Posted by: CAPT Mike at April 4, 2014 11:07 PM

"This is especially true of the rum is properly sipped, and the beer properly guzzled."

And vice versa, sir. Especially frozen rum poured over ice in a chilled glass. Trust me, that'll get fly timing.

As for the "othering" crowd, they concern me because of the power they have over the low-information voters that put the man-child, who couldn't get a security clearance of any kind on his own if he tried, in charge of the mightiest military on the planet. It bothers me because in today's *Instant Society*, the mob mentality is easily fed in 140 characters...and it moves across the country in literal nanoseconds. Believe me, in today's day and age, the Truth sometimes ain't got a shot at waking up before the Lie has circled the planet....twice. That's a lotta influence on people who haven't been taught to think for themselves.
And that, sir, bothers me...a lot.

"you and MLK are quite correct; superficial physical differences like skin pigment do not define people. we are defined by our own chosen thoughts and actions; character in his words."

Thank you, CAPT, I agree with you completely. 0>;~} It is our actions defined by our character that define us. It is something I've always tried to live by, even with very prejudiced Mountain Willaim parents, and something I've made sure to teach the VES as we were helping to write her tabula rosa.

Posted by: DL Sly at April 5, 2014 01:16 AM