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April 18, 2014

Let The Judgement Begin - The Tax Man Cometh edition

I gotta admit that at first I wondered whether or not the real tax man might have most of y'all's attention this week, but apparently a monkey stealing a hubcap is a nice distraction...or a Freudian fantasy, who knows.
But! I've old business to conduct, so a small reminder...
...and here come da judge..ment.

Kicking it off at number five is frequent flyer, who may have inadverdently stumbled upon the next *under-served minority*, with "Monkey's--doing the work that American's won't do."

Followed by CAPT Mike at number four with a thought that is shirley on many American's mind's right about now
Stop your bitching!
it's all I could afford after taxes . . .

OBloodyHell channels his inner south Bronx tough guy at number three in this little monologue, "So's then I said, 'Like, I ony got 'ive bucks. What kinda ride can I get fer that?' an' then he sez, 'Well, lemme go back inna back and see', an he comes back wit', like, this stupid wheel cover from a Benz, and like, what could I say? At least I gots me a Benz."

And spd, who apparently is in between cases and therefore has plenty of time to spend playing video games, lands himself in second this week for Mario roared back into the race, leaving Chico to question his value as member of the Mercedes pit crew.

Bringing me to first place in the Tax Man Cometh edition - which also garners Obscure Movie Reference props - and YAG's - The IRS sends a trained agent to place a hubcap from Charles Koch's prized car into his bed.

Best Imitation of a Real AP Caption props for George Pal's,
CCTV captured this image of a critter running from the scene of the crime. Police officials say it matches descriptions of eyewitnesses who’d seen the same critter hanging about the Orion Township MI. car dealership where a dozen cars had been stripped of their tires and rims three weeks ago. Witnesses report having heard the critter muttering loudly as he ran ‘slowly, slowly, catchy monkey, MY ASS’. Profilers from the animal psych division at the FBI warned that the suspect should be considered psychologically harmed and dangerous.

And, finally, Obscure Song props go to YAG for Well, Lord, if you won't buy me a Mercedes-Benz, I guess I'll hafta do it myself.

Well, that's it for this week. Once again, as always, a fine job of snarkery. Congrats to this week's top five. Another pic will be forthcoming.

Posted by DL Sly at April 18, 2014 06:31 AM

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