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April 12, 2014

This Is Cool

The first of four total lunar eclipses will begin the night of Apr. 14th for North America, who will be sitting in the catbird seat for this event.

First lunar eclipse of 2014 viewing range.png

And will last into the early hours of the 15th...tax day for most of America....kohh-inky-den-tally, this moon is traditionally called a Blood Moon.

Blood moon.png

As if there would be any other kind for that day.

At 3:06 a.m. EDT, the eclipse will reach totality, but sunlight bent by our atmosphere around the curvature of the Earth should produce a coppery glow on the moon. At this time, the moon, if viewed with binoculars or a small telescope, will present the illusion of seemingly glowing from within by its own light.


Throughout history, eclipses have inspired awe and even fear, especially when total lunar eclipses turned the moon blood-red, an effect that terrified people who had no understanding of what causes an eclipse and therefore blamed the events on this god or that.

Somehow I don't think it'll be the moon that'll be instilling the most fear on that day, although it may indeed be an omen.

Posted by DL Sly at April 12, 2014 11:50 AM

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ain't it a shame we can't see it from underwater.

Posted by: CAPT Mike at April 12, 2014 10:53 PM

A neighbor mentioned this to me, but I didn't understand what he meant by the four eclipses. It turns out there will be four in the next 18 months: April 15, 2014, Oct. 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and Sept. 28, 2015. A spate of eclipses like this is only a little unusual. There was one in around 2005 and will be half a dozen or more before this century is over. It's still cool, though. Apparently all of this group of four are lining up impressively with either Passover or Sukkot. In other words, apocalypse.

Posted by: Texan99 at April 13, 2014 10:01 AM

We're supposed to have clear skies tonight, and at 2500' altitude, I should have a great view of the eclipse. Hopefully, I'll have some neat pix to post tomorrow....

Posted by: DL Sly at April 14, 2014 01:02 PM

We woke up last night and remembered to get up just at the peak time. The next time I woke up, an hour or so later, there was full bright moonlight coming in the windows again.

Mars is in conjunction right now, too.

Posted by: Texan99 at April 15, 2014 09:12 AM

DL, I hope you got some good ones. It was completely overcast here.

Posted by: Yu-Ain Gonnano at April 15, 2014 09:25 AM

YAG, nope, the day was pristine and beautiful - although a little chilly with a north wind cutting through the all but the thickest of layers - right up until sunset, then the clouds started rolling in.
I could *see* the moon, but the layer of clouds was such that I couldn't even see the Earth's shadow at the halfway point. Then, just when I thought it might open up for the last hour, the black clouds rolled in and right over the moon.
Too bad, too, because it was actually warmer at midnight than at noon and sitting outside was quite comfortable - if not as spectacular as expected.
Oh well, there's another one later this year. Maybe the weather will be more cooperative then.

Posted by: DL Sly at April 15, 2014 03:46 PM