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July 29, 2014

Please: Stop "Helping" Women

Are these people *trying* to make it harder for women to find work? Because it sure seems that way:

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, has always had the potential to morph into a legal monster for employers. In 2008 Congress amended and expanded the act substantially, arguing that the Supreme Court's interpretations of "disability" were too narrow. Then the Obama Administration arrived, and you know what that means: Who needs Congress?

On a straight 3-2 party-line vote July 14, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission voted new "enforcement guidance" rules, which define pregnancy as a workplace disability.

Even after the 2008 amendments, the ADA at no point defines pregnancy as a "disability." To end-run this fact, the agency discovers pregnancy's "impairments." The EEOC's guidelines argue, "Although pregnancy itself is not a disability, impairments related to pregnancy can be disabilities if they substantially limit one or more major life activities." Morning sickness, for example, would become a qualifying impairment under the ADA.

Thus the EEOC is piling one radical legal interpretation (discarding the ADA's clear intent to help the truly disabled) upon another (granting protections to pregnant women, who aren't covered under the ADA).

As one of the two Republican commissioners, Constance Barker, wrote in a May memo to her colleagues, these legal gymnastics represent "an entirely new legal interpretation that is unsupported by Congressional intent or court interpretation."

How, exactly, does this sort of thing help women support themselves and their families?

Posted by Cassandra at July 29, 2014 08:12 AM

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"How, exactly, does this sort of thing help women support themselves and their families?"

Cogent question, and of course it doesn't. What it does do is attempt to create yet another dependent category who can be relied upon to vote the "right" way in every election to make sure that their "entitlement" is not infringed upon in any way.

Why would the lefties not use a proven way to win elections?

Posted by: CAPT Mongo at July 29, 2014 09:27 AM

Reading this yesterday, I couldn't help thinking back to the first few years of our marriage. The Spousal Unit was in college full time and worked. Once our oldest was 6 months old and weaned/sleeping regularly, I also worked part time at night to help make ends meet.

Finding a job was tough - as soon as employers found out I had a baby they didn't want to hire me. Found one job, but they couldn't give me enough hours. Ended up having to move to another state and live apart just so I could get hired.

The whole time I was pregnant I worked (we were saving) and my boss harassed me every day ("Aren't you ready to quit yet? I don't want you having that baby in my store").


I fully agree that feminism jumped the shark years ago, but I wouldn't go back to that time for all the tea in China. These bozos aren't making things better by encouraging employers to think or pregnancy as some kind of handicap.

Posted by: Cassandra at July 29, 2014 09:59 AM

These bozos aren't making things better by encouraging employers to think or pregnancy as some kind of handicap.

Not encouraging, requiring.

What they are encouraging is thinking that hiring women of the right age for pregnancy is likely a handicap -- for their business. Of course, the business will say out loud, we can't discriminate against women of that age and would never think of it! But unofficially, when a hiring manage is deciding between candidates of similar qualifications...

Posted by: Grim at July 29, 2014 11:29 AM

"We're not marginalizing you, honey. We're just protecting you. Because we're nice." It's not a new attitude; the novelty is only in the faction that's adopted it.

Posted by: Texan99 at July 29, 2014 02:13 PM

To borrow one of their phrases, "Benevolent sexism", much? :p

Posted by: Cassandra at July 29, 2014 02:54 PM

You know what's bizarre?

The week before I delivered our second son, I mowed the lawn in 97 degree heat, dug up a very large vegetable garden, and did a ton of physical work around the house.

I'm not claiming that every pregnant woman can do this, but generally pregnancy doesn't really get in your way much unless you have some other health issue with a Latin name. In which case, how is that different from a non-pregnant person having a medical issue?

Posted by: Cassandra at July 29, 2014 02:57 PM

...unofficially, when a hiring manager is deciding between candidates of similar qualifications...

And that's exactly what I ran into when I was first married. We're going back in time.


Posted by: Cassandra at July 29, 2014 02:58 PM

I know I'm way out of touch and very old fashioned, but in my second career (State Government)pregnant women in the office were a cause for fond celebration (with her) and at least in my (The boss's) case a "totally inappropriate and patriarchal/sexist" penchant for helping the woman as much as possible. This is bad somehow?

They also got great baby showers, inasmuch as I could manage/encourage such.

Come to think of it, I did the same thing whilst still Active Duty CAPT Mongo.

Also evil and patriarchal, I'm sure.

Pfui. Gentlemen respect and help take care of pregnant (or even unpregnant) ladies in my book. Grandmother Mongo was a stern teacher.

Posted by: CAPT Mongo at July 29, 2014 05:17 PM

Also evil and patriarchal, I'm sure.

Or wonderful :)

My son's co-workers even gave him a new Dad shower. How cool is that?

Babies are tiny miracles, and anyone who sees sexism in celebrating a new human life doesn't have the sense the good Lord gave a grapefruit :p

Posted by: Cassandra at July 29, 2014 05:26 PM

I dunno, Cass. Grapefruit can be pretty darn wily! Ever notice that regardless of how careful you are, they always manage to squirt you in the face when you cut em?

Posted by: MikeD at July 30, 2014 11:06 AM


Posted by: Cassandra at July 30, 2014 11:29 AM

And, Mike, what, exactly, would you do if someone were to cut into your innards, hmmmmmmmm?
Just lay there and ooze a little bit?
Say it's just a flesh wound?
I don't think so.

Posted by: DL Sly at July 31, 2014 08:50 PM