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October 03, 2014

UNM Sexually Harrasses Its Own Students

File under, "If they weren't so willing to beclown themselves, we'd have to make stuff like this up":

The University of New Mexico can’t decide whether it supports or opposes free speech on campus, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

The civil-liberties group called out the university as its “speech code of the month” Wednesday, highlighting its sexual harassment policy, which says:

“[e]xamples of sexual harassment which shall not be tolerated” include “suggestive” letters, notes, or invitations. The policy also prohibits “displaying sexually suggestive or derogatory objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters,” albeit with the vague disclaimer that such displays will be “evaluated for appropriateness such as art displayed in museums … .”

This is a hoot, because

According to The College Fix, this week, September 29–Oct 2 is “Sex Week” at UNM—a weeklong series of programs for students including “Negotiating Successful Threesomes,” “O-Face Oral” and “BJs and Beyond.” Sex Week is sponsored in part by the university’s Women’s Resource Center. Sex Week also violates the university’s own speech codes, since even the titles of the workshops—and thus any Sex Week promotional materials—are “sexually suggestive.”

And the school gave a spirited defense of Sex Week, pointing to its Freedom of Expression and Dissent policy, which says the “appropriate response” to speech that is “offensive, even abhorrent,” and causes “discomfort” is “speech expressing opposing ideas and continued dialogue, not curtailment of speech.”

Loosely translated from the original Phrench that last bit means, "When we do it, it's a joyous celebration of freedom and sexuality. When you do it, it's grossly offensive behavior." You know, like... this sort of thing:

The women’s magazine Cosmopolitan — famous for articles about fashion and makeup — published an article Wednesday attacking Republicans for a political ad spoofing “Say Yes to the Dress,” a reality TV show about women choosing wedding dresses.

“Is this the most condescending political ad ever?” was the title of the article written by Cosmopolitan senior political writer Jill Filipovic.

Filipovic was not happy with the theme of the video, which she mocked, sarcastically claiming, “It’s for ladies, and ladies love marriage and dress!”

Remember, she writes for a website whose current headlines include “Celebrities wearing things!” and “How to create the perfect date-night makeup.”

But it turns out Cosmopolitan is no stranger to parody videos, either. As National Republican Congressional Committee TV and Radio Director Mollie Young noted on Twitter, just one week prior to Filipovic’s article, comedian Megan MacKay posted on the magazine's site a similarly themed parody about makeup and voting.

MacKay sought to tell readers why young, unmarried women should vote in the midterm elections, and threw in “a few makeup tips along the way.”

Why, oh why won't anyone take women seriously???? Sometimes, the parody just writes itself.

Posted by Cassandra at October 3, 2014 02:05 PM

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I would like to point out that, from a legal standpoint, it isn't sexual harassment if you haven't had the training.
That's carved in stone. There's no more debate. It's a done deal. The fat lady has sung.
just doing my part to educate the masses.

Posted by: Joatmoaf Esq. at October 3, 2014 03:51 PM

There really is a certain comfort in watching these folks become ensnared in their own attempts to demonstrate their exquisite uber-sensitivity-and-enlightenment. Eventually the inconsistencies in their positions become impossible to ignore any longer - usually about the time they swing around and whack them on the tuckus.

D'oh! I'm so sorry. Didn't mean to use the T-word - hope no one feels offended or harassed.

Yesterday I saw a story about a town that painted over a mural by Banksy, the obvious message of which was that zenophobic Brits are super mean, bigoted, and wrong/bad.

So guess why they painted over the mural?

...wait for it....

Some moron thought it was making fun of Africans.


The clue bat is never around when you need it.

Posted by: Cass at October 3, 2014 04:21 PM

Funny thing, I was just thinking about condescending political ads myself. I have a post in response at the Hall.

Posted by: Grim at October 3, 2014 05:15 PM

Of course, as your last line of this post suggests, there's always a chance that they condescend to us because we deserve it.

Present company excepted.

Posted by: Grim at October 3, 2014 05:16 PM

Hey, turns out we have a Sex Week at UGA, too. Er, sort of.

Posted by: Grim at October 3, 2014 06:54 PM