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November 11, 2014

Let The Judgement Begin

Well, that was an excellent exercise in evisceration. The Dark Side loathes the Stones, and y'all's comments tickled tremendously. Even though it may not seem so given the length of time it's taken me to post this, I have had most of it written for quite some time, but then Life took over the steering wheel. (And, no, despite the Princess' assertions, it had very little to do with abundant quantities of beer. Although, that's not to say that beer hasn't been consumed....0>;~])
But, that's irrelevant right now when there is old business that is long past due it's proper attention.
Today, Veteran's Day, was originally called Armistice Day to commemorate the signing of the treaty that signalled the formal end to what was, at the time, the Great War - the war to end all wars. Having been signed at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, it therefore seems apropos to this Dark Lord that I should a Top 11 for the judgement today.
So with that and a look back...


Let the Judgement begin.

There are two sections to the Judgement today. The first of which belong to our own inimitable spd rdr. Obviously the man had been working entirely too hard during his absence. So, here in no particular order is the man, the myth, the anti vowel-movement in one cracked nutshell, spd rdr:

Mick Jagger says:
After fifty years of non-stop touring and rock and roll I've learned a few things about what it takes to stay at the top of your game. Sure, it's important to watch your diet, get plenty of exercise, and know how to resuscitate your guitarist backstage before the big show. But sometimes a hectic touring schedule can interfere with your personal routine, and when the lights go down and there's 20 thousand fans screaming in anticipation, the last thing that you want to worry about is irregularity.
That's why whenever the Rolling Stones go on tour, we pack Dulcolax medicated laxative suppositories. Dulcolax provides fast, reliable relief from the occasional constipation and irregularity caused by too much gourmet food and over-prescribed prescription medications. Just one Dulcolax suppository and Jumpin' Jack Flash is a blast blast blast!
Take it from Mick: When you can't get no satisfaction, try Dulcolax medicated laxative suppositories and rock on!

Keith Richards says:
Oy...Frigginslumerinit' wot? Hasimselfrigginknighted, wot. Then wot, wot? Figginsupositaries wot. Wot? Figging (unintelligible), wot?
Take it from Keith: When you need to git yer ya-yas out, try Dulcolax medicated laxative suppositories and wot.

Jumpin' Jack Flash
it's a gasp, gasp, gasp!

"Yo! Check out the sister rockin' the turnip!"

"Yo Keith! Check out the sister rockin' the parsnip!"
"Turnip, Mick."
"Parsnip, Keith."
"No, Mick, turnip."
"All right then... Would you please parsnip me bloody amplifier!"

Kicking off the next five is George Pal for,
♪"Lucy in the ska-ay with diamonds."
Keith: "Right lick wrong song you senile drug slut BOOF"

Next up is htom with a hard turn at Albequerque away from the running theme, You! Yes, yellow shirt and Parrothead Fin on your head! You have to have a number to bid!

tweell breaks the brass ring as he tries to keep from having to say those infamous words,
I can't get no
walker traction!

MJL snatches the silver whilst steering us back onto the right path, "Keith, big hooters, 14 G through J."

And Allen grabs the gold this week with a timely reminder that time is definately not on their side (Thank goodness!0>;~]),
Start me up
Crash cart to stage center, clear! Kerthump.
Start me up and never stop.

Bringing us to number 1 (or 11, if you prefer), and who else should claim that spot than the Big Kahuna his own self, Mick Jagger (otherwise known as YAG during his more lucid moments) with the ultimate old geezer - and ya gotta admit, the Stones are ohhhllld geezers - caption, Hey, You!!! Get offa my lawn!

Congrats winners! Thank you everyone for playing and waiting so patiently. Happy Veteran's Day, commenters and lurkers alike (yes, we know you're there) and a deep, heartfelt "Thank You" from the Dark Side to those who have served, are serving and may one day decide to serve - as well as to your families - for the sacrifices you've all made to keep this country truly the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.
As usual, the next picture is forthcoming....soon.

Posted by DL Sly at November 11, 2014 02:00 PM

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Huh. I sure was weird back in those days.

Posted by: Drive-by Rainer Maria Rilke at November 11, 2014 09:17 PM