October 06, 2014

Don't Sass Me, Son

I brought you into this world, and I can take you back out of it:


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August 13, 2014

Shaken, Not Stirred


In this photo released Wednesday, August 6, an elephant relieves an itch on a small car in South Africa's Pilanesberg National Park. The two passengers in the car were shaken up but not injured.

CWCID: the Spousal Unit, who is very good about supplying the Blog Princess with pachydermal pulchritude.

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June 05, 2014

Spring Beauty

The first peonies of Spring from the Blog Princess's garden. She was in a mad rush, so we just stuffed them into a wine carafe that was handy.


They need no other adornment.

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February 06, 2014

You Really Don't Want to Google "Amorous Pig"








And thus she spoke in thrilling tone, —
Fast fell the tear-drops big: —
“Ah! woe is me! Alas! Alas!
The Pig! The Pig! The Pig!”

- [wait for it....] Oliver Wendell Holmes

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January 31, 2014

File Under "Dept. of Unnoticed Mooses Elephants"

Finally, an explanation for why no one ever talks about that pachyderm in the room.

It snuck up on them. Sneaky creatures they are, silently tiptoe-ing along just a few feet behind you... just waiting for the right moment to pounce....


And suddenly, you've been photobombed by a 15,000 pound stealth machine:

So, how in the world can an elephant creep up on you?

For one, the elephant has “big, cushiony feet” that allows it to tread softly, said Craig R. Sholley, vice president of philanthropy and marketing for the African Wildlife Foundation.

Sholley described his own experience on safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park: “Suddenly we had 30 elephants appear out of nowhere. I think all of us in the vehicle were looking at each other and saying, ‘How did that happen? They basically came through a forest and we didn’t hear a thing!’”

The pachyderm’s intelligence also plays a role: “If they don’t want to be heard, just like a human being, they will attempt to be silent—and they’re pretty adept at that,” Sholley said.

Be careful out there, peoples.

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January 03, 2014


From the balcony of our hotel room:


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December 09, 2013

1-3 Inches...


This is from yesterday, before it had stopped snowing.

Kind of reminds us of Christmas eve, when the weather channel was telling us there would be "no accumulation" as we slowly did a 360 on the steep hill leading into our development :p

Too funny.

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December 04, 2013

Mondays Totally Suck

And you thought you were having a bad day at work...


More proof (as if it were needed) that squirrels are plotting to kill us all.

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November 20, 2013

Best Buddies

What is best in life? Snoozing with your best friend:



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April 11, 2012

Oh! The Humanity!

Apparently, we have done something very, very wrong.


Don't let it happen again.

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