October 15, 2014

He's a Lover, Not a Fighter

Ladies and Cruel, Patriarchal Hegemonists, we bring you Dr. Cornell West:

(KMOV.com) – Activist Dr. Cornel West said it was important for him to get arrested during demonstrations in Ferguson to “show how deep the love is.”

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

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May 19, 2014

*Now* He Tells Me...

The Spousal Unit couldn't quite stop himself from bringing this to our attention over the weekend:


Everyone's a critic.... after the fact.

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May 01, 2014

Well, Ain't That Funny

Why is Google censoring my Yahoo email?
Ever since the Heartbleed security hole was discovered, and subsequently patched, Gmail has been censoring all mail coming from Yahoo. Since Google doesn't have any support tech at all, the only way to attempt to get an answer about this, is to go to one of their myriad forum pages and *hope* that someone from Google actually sees your complaint. Seems kinda, I don't know, un-customer friendly to me. Especially given the number of bloggers who use Gmail addresses, and the even larger number of everyday Yahoo email addresses out there.

Now, the Heartbleed security hole wasn't one that was directly associated with any specific virus, trojan or malware, so there wasn't any chance of anything being spread. It was simply a flaw in the security socket programming that became the norm for providing secure connections to places like banks, etc. where important transactions, ie, money, personal information, etc., is being transmitted back and forth between two computers. A flaw that apparently was never exploited [To'S:Cloudeight] even though it had been in existence for almost two years before a Google employee stumbled upon it.

"For the last week, researchers at the Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, a separate supercomputer facility, have been examining Internet traffic they recorded going in and out of their networks since the end of January, looking for responses that would indicate a possible Heartbleed attack.

They found none, said Vern Paxson, a network researcher at Berkeley Lab and associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Berkeley."

So, after all this time there hadn't been any discernable use of the Heartbleed flaw...well, that is, until it was made public:

"But security researchers and law enforcement are growing concerned that hackers are trying to exploit the flaw now that it has been public for more than a week.


Meanwhile, four computer scientists at the University of Michigan, Zakir Durumeric, David Adrian, Michael Bailey and J. Alex Halderman, have been monitoring stashes of fake data on the Internet — called honeypots — to see if hackers would try to retrieve them using the Heartbleed bug. It worked.

To date, they’ve witnessed 41 unique groups scanning for and trying to exploit the Heartbleed bug on three honeypots they are maintaining. Of the 41, the majority of those groups — 59 percent — were in China.

But the attacks began only after the Heartbleed bug was discovered on April 8. The computer scientists have also found no evidence of any attacks before the disclosure, and they say it’s impossible to tell if the scans came from real hackers or other security researchers trying to look at the problem."

Now that the flaw has been found, patched and is being constantly monitored, why is Google still censoring Yahoo email?
And, as a follow up, on what grounds does Google - or any provider for that matter - believe it can censor any email in the first place?

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